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Crucial lessons

I am a huge fan of of Laura’s other work & her continued advocacy for victims, and this new show is incredible.

This podcast is a gift to anyone who engages in true crime or considers themselves a fan. Laura deals with criminals, not monsters or masterminds; criminals with real victims: victims & survivors who have real families that are affected deeply by not just the events but the same media that we “fans” are consuming. As someone who’s engaged with true crime since I was a teen, I am having a mirror turned on myself just by listening & the first 2 episodes have stunned me. it’s truly informative, moving, & human & honest, but you dont get to be passive, you’re being taught new ways of seeing & engaging with true crime. No one else is dealing with true crime in this way - this should be the ONLY way! I am here for it. Take me to school!

Jan. 17, 2021 by vgrrl666 on Apple Podcasts

Crime Analyst