Crime Analyst

Highly qualified host with subjects that are absolutely heartbreaking

Laura Richards has long been a voice of reason, sanity and fierce intelligence backed up with TRUTH
I truly hope that judges and defense attorneys that work with proven killers and abusers will listen to these episodes, learn as much as they can- and find their soul to change the insane laws that are still allowed- and the people that allow these abusers and killers to continue to STOP supporting them.
Violence on this earth - mostly perpetrated by the male of our beleaguered species is allowed to happen - then forgiven and forgotten far far too often. And it must be stopped- it makes our world a very dark and frightening place
Laura Richards is a shining light in that very dark and frightening place
Thank you Laura!

Jan. 26, 2021 by Cc5by5 on Apple Podcasts

Crime Analyst