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Laura's work has saved my mom's life.

I have listened to every episode of Crime Analyst as it comes out and almost every episode of Laura's other show, Real Crime Profile. The insights that she has provided over the years have taught me SO much about the warning signs of Domestic Violence. I've followed up with reading several books and learning what I can about the topic, not knowing how important it would be in my life.

My mom recently ended a 2+ year relationship with an abusive man. In her words, "it wasn't long before he was going to get physically violent with me. I could see it coming." She told me how he threated to kill her and bury her in a mineshaft. I know this guy was totally serious. Part of what helped her make the decision to leave was information that I learned from Laura. I was able to teach her and my family members what the warning signs were and help her to safely leave. This information coupled with the book "Why Does He Do That" by Lundy Babcroft opened her eyes to exactly what was going on.

Laura, thank you for being such a staunch advocate for women and for providing so much teaching on what domestic abuse truly looks like. I honestly and fully believe that your dedication to teaching others about gendered violence played a large role in saving my mom's life.

Thank you for being so passionate and dedicated to your work. You are an amazing woman! ♥️

Feb. 26, 2021 by Gabasauruss on Apple Podcasts

Crime Analyst