Crime Analyst


This true crime podcast is revolutionary. While many sensationalize the murderers, Laura Richards centers the victims. She tells their stories, never failing to honor each person’s humanity. As these are all women, her profound care in ensuring none are dismissed due to class, profession, race, or circumstances often moves me to tears of deep gratitude.

As a renowned criminal behavioral analyst, Laura is relentless and thorough in exploring how and why the criminal justice system so egregiously failed these women. Her outrage at the patriarchal systems, misogyny, and sexism inherent in how male violence against women & children is pursued is eye opening.

I’m so grateful for Laura Richards and the brilliant, blazing light she’s shining on the gender inequities of “justice”. Her analysis of perpetrators’ patterns, and pursuit of better protections for women and children, will save countless lives.

April 12, 2021 by K. Sugg McDonald on Apple Podcasts

Crime Analyst