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I probably should leave reviews more often, but I sometimes forget.

I found this podcast through Real Crime Profile (another podcast that I love). I have always felt while listening to RCP that Laura does an amazing as an advocate for women victimized by crime, and is just an advocate overall for women everywhere.

While listening to this podcast, “Crime Analyst”, I feel like I have learned SO much, but stuff I feel like should have known! I was disappointed in myself! I have both a son and a daughter (twins) and I always try to stay on top of information for BOTH of them regarding: relationships, consent, violence, etc. Luckily, my kids have no experience with any of this stuff so far. They are 14 though…

In the past recent years I have always double checked my facts and sources…but I admit that stuff I learned when I was younger was a little bit more hardwired. This podcast has really inspired me to look back at what I have learned when it comes to certain things.

Thank you Laura.

July 15, 2021 by Rachel10011 on Apple Podcasts

Crime Analyst