Crime Analyst

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First discovered Laura Richards (a New Scotland Yard/FBI-trained criminal analyst) years ago on “Real Crime Profile “ and was fascinated by her unique experience & extensive research-based feminist perspective on crime, especially those against women & children. Followed her career ever since & was in awe of her relentless behind the scenes work changing domestic violence & stalking laws in the UK - not to mention the overwhelming victory of making coercive control a criminal offense.

This podcast offers everything a true crime aficionado could want, from “in the weeds” deep dives into infamous historical murders and into Laura’s personal process of analyzing & solving crimes; to live Parliamentary hearings on anti-crime bills in process; to fascinating interviews with survivors, victims, professionals & advocates.

Above all, Laura stresses a focus on honoring the victims of crime, & dustbinning the near-glorification of infamous criminals. I wholeheartedly agree with her core assessment - in order to reduce the outrageous frequency of crimes against women & kids, we need to focus not just on women protecting themselves, but on changing the pervasive attitudes of entitlement & toxic masculinity behind the men who commit them.

Feb. 2, 2022 by IvyPelham on Apple Podcasts

Crime Analyst