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Laura’s passion for advocacy is contagious

So I have been a true crime fan since I was 10 years old and saw Silence of the Lambs in the movie theater for the 1st time (don’t ask why a 10 y/o was seeing that movie in the theater…1988 was a different time and I could also buy a pack of smokes for 5 quarters at any gas station too :/ )

So here’s the thing about true crime…while i am fascinated, knowing someone else’s pain is entertainment has always bothered me. Now while I’ve always felt like reading and consuming true crime helps me be and feel more “Aware” that’s not the entirety of it…

Laura fixes this issue for me. Her passion for advocacy is literally contagious. And really, if you love true crime, like, really love it, shouldn’t you give something back? Shouldn’t we be doing something more then consuming in order to help prevent and empower victims? Make changes for a better world and all?
Yes. Yes. And Yes, of course we should! Count me in, Laura.

This podcast is granular, victim centered and Laura’s gentle voice & delivery while pleasing and comforting to listen to, doesn’t detract from what is clearly passion driven work. **
So thanks Laura! For sharing your knowledge and spreading passion while still giving us true crime junkies a more justifiable “fix”.

**It makes me wonder after listening to Laura, if this isn’t something she’s had to carefully craft over years in order to be taken seriously in her line of work. Just comparing her conservative, careful passion in juxtapose to say Jim Clemente’s fiery, raised-voice rants, full of F-bombs & exclamations…
I love both deliveries & I have pondered this while listening to both Crime Analyst & Real Crime Profile over the last few years. Can’t have hysterical women criminal profiling and fighting to change the patriarchal narrative!

Feb. 4, 2022 by eMeryia on Apple Podcasts

Crime Analyst