Crime Analyst

Victim focused expert analysis

This podcast is a wonderful, educational tool for anyone who wants to better understand the psychology behind coercive control, all the red flags of an abusive relationships that lead to violence (murder in slow motion), and the men who - more often than not - perpetrate those crimes. Laura always shows profound sympathy and compassion towards the victims all while explaining their case from the perspective of an expert criminal behavior analyst. She is an outspoken advocate for women everywhere and has dedicated her life towards creating a safer, more equal world where dangerous men are held accountable for their actions.
I have been a long time listener and admirer of Laura and her work. I have learned SO much from listening to her over the years. She inspired me to become a sexual assault response advocate in addition to helping women and children in my local shelter. I cannot recommend her podcast enough and will always be a huge supporter of hers. Love you, Laura!!!

Aug. 2, 2022 by Avery WS on Apple Podcasts

Crime Analyst