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I’m hooked

After listening to episode 100 on the Gabby Petito case, I’m hooked. I’ll be going back to listen to all episodes on this case and then, I’m sure, keep listening. Great work on analysis of what we know mixed w/ instinct to create a plausible timeline.
One thought, I think Gabby might have told Brian she wanted to break up with him and that’s what pushed him over the edge to kill her. As we know, the most dangerous time to leave. I gave a speech recently on identifying the dominant aggressor and used this case to show what can happen when police get it wrong. I listened to the body cam videos. I’m trying to remember exactly one part. A female officer was alone with Gabby and said something to her about Brian - not complimentary - and Gabby told her she “might need to make a change.” Which seems to hint that she was realizing there was trouble in her paradise. I can look through my notes if you want more on this. We desperately need a risk assessment tool to help police and others identify the dominant aggressor. I’m involved in a research project to do just that.

Also, I understand why DV advocates are hesitant to jump in with making coercive control a federal offense. Look at what happened with the mandatory arrest laws. Reach out if you want to discuss. I’m a survivor. (I made a film, No Ordinary Love, to raise awareness. Streaming on AmazonPrime & others).

Thank you for the work you are doing. Without awareness, we’ll never get this addressed correctly and keep women safe in their homes.

Nov. 7, 2022 by Texas Movie Buff on Apple Podcasts

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