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Gabby Petito Case

The most comprehensive breakdown of corrosive control prevalent and evident in the police body cam footage. I am very thankful for the amazing piece of work done in this series about Gabby.

I would LOVE to see Laura as the expert witness in the Petito case against the Moab police department allowing the jury to eat at the table of her labors on this case… her experience in the field as one who has served.

They get it backwards. It’s critical people begin to understand the how and why they so often get it wrong despite believing they are right and are doing a good thing. Officer Pratt reveals he knew he got it wrong, yet he desires for the public the citizens to believe him a good man. I don’t. He is a controlling man controlling he narrative and the scene in partiality and favor for the aggressor. Such a shame he has been promoted, he is not worthy to serve the people due to his own “man issues” rendering him incapable of making right judgement and action.

This case was and remains maddening and yes, if you do not get angry at what was done to Gabby then check your humanity card something is missing. Dreadfully missing.

March 18, 2023 by Cassandra Canary on Apple Podcasts

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