Dec. 13, 2022

107: The Crime Analyst | Ep 107 | Joanna Simpson: A Miscarriage of Justice, Part 2

107: The Crime Analyst | Ep 107 | Joanna Simpson: A Miscarriage of Justice, Part 2
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In this episode Laura, Diana Parkes, Joanna’s mother and Hetti Nanton, Joanna’s best friend and chair of the national domestic violence charity, Refuge discuss the events leading up to Jo being brutally killed by Robert Brown, as well as how Jo was killed and what happened afterwards in terms of Brown’s post offence behaviour. 

Diana shares what happened at the trial including how she and her family were treated inside and outside court and how Jo was mischaracterised at court by Brown and others and how, left unchallenged, Diana believes it had a significant impact on the jury and the verdict. Listener discretion is advised.  The graphic details of Jo’s death are discussed and you will hear Brown’s actual telephone call to Thames Valley Police after he brutally killed her.

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