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Learned so much about spotting warning signs

I’ve been following Laura for almost 2 years now from real crime profile. Her assessments of situations and personal dynamics are always comprehensive, spot on and digestible. I’ve learned so much about coercive control, psychopaths and spotting warning signs of domestic abuse. As Laura says “always trust your instincts!”

Passionate Advocacy and Expert Analysis

I came across Laura Richards unexpectedly after listening to an interview she did as part of some bonus content to an audiobook to which I’d been listening. Her interview was quite timely as I’d just taken an assignment as a Victim Advocate and I started searching out the research on the DASH. When I found out she had a podcast, I immediately started listening. I wasn’t sure at first, because it was a bit rough in the beginning (presentation wise, not content). But to be fair, I can’t think of a single podcast that starts off immediately without some glitches. Laura is at her best when she’s interviewing or speaking freely. Her passion for the topics are immediately evident. Her level of knowledge and professionalism is extensive. This isn’t a show designed for entertainment, but education, which is why it’s one of my absolute favorites.

Gabby Petito Case

The most comprehensive breakdown of corrosive control prevalent and evident in the police body cam footage. I am very thankful for the amazing piece of work done in this series about Gabby. I would LOVE to see Laura as the expert witness in the Petito case against the Moab police department allowing the jury to eat at the table of her labors on this case… her experience in the field as one who has served. They get it backwards. It’s critical people begin to understand the how and why they so often get it wrong despite believing they are right and are doing a good thing. Officer Pratt reveals he knew he got it wrong, yet he desires for the public the citizens to believe him a good man. I don’t. He is a controlling man controlling he narrative and the scene in partiality and favor for the aggressor. Such a shame he has been promoted, he is not worthy to serve the people due to his own “man issues” rendering him incapable of making right judgement and action. This case was and remains maddening and yes, if you do not get angry at what was done to Gabby then check your humanity card something is missing. Dreadfully missing.

Why are the episodes backwards

Why do I have to scroll down 100 episodes to get the latest episode?

Thank You!

I am floored to learn about the Colonial Parkway murders (I know Laura doesn’t like this phrase but I wasn’t sure what else to call it) and Route 29 stalker. I live in Virginia and have frequented many of the locations Laura discusses, travelled 29 almost every weekend as a university student and I had no idea that many of these crimes occurred. The work that Laura is doing to educate the world is just unparalleled. Thank you!!!


Great podcast. Laura takes you through thoughtful, victim-centric deep dives into specific cases, all while shining a light on systemic biases that shape how these and other cases are investigated and talked about in the media. I love her expert insights on predatory stalking, coercive control, domestic violence and other gender-based violence. She also has terrific guests. Her segment on Stockholm Syndrome with the brilliant Jess Hill absolutely blew my mind – I’ve been sending it to everyone.


Thoughtful, informative, and educational, The Crime Analyst is a fantastic podcast run by one of the top experts in coercive control

Come for the true crime, stay for the education about coercive control

I’m grateful that I’ve never ended up as a subject on this podcast. I was coercively controlled by a man in my early 20s, and I’m thankful I had the means and support to leave him. Laura Richard’s research and insight about abusive men and the women they hurt is extremely valuable, and if this podcast existed back then I would have left him earlier. Thank you for giving me insight into that previous relationship, Laura! I greatly admire the work you’ve done in both the media and legislation.

This is so much more than a true crime podcast. Laura Richards puts the victims first and shows the warning signs and extent of male violence against women and how law enforcement and society needs to do better.

Content great; presentation needs work

I have now listened to 22 episodes of the Peter Sutcliffe series and have greatly appreciated the emphasis on the victims, both for the purpose of understanding the crimes and criticising the investigation, and also out of simple compassion for the victims and their families. The investigation was so riddled by misogyny and so much in the power of those at the top of the police hierarchy that it is no surprise that later reviews of it were buried. LR has done a wonderful job of disintering it and dismembering it. I do find her presentation irritating at times, though. She blows her own trumpet too much and reminds us too often that she was an outstanding detective, she mispronounces words (including the word ‘pronunciation’), uses ‘literally’ to mean “thoroughly, maximally, deeply”, etc., misuses ‘in vitro’ and ‘in vivo’, mistranslates ‘habeas corpus’, and never uses one word when three will do. The worst thing is the way the ads for sponsors appear without any warning and usually in the middle of a complex bit of narrative and often when the topic is disturbing, the result being that they are hopelessly jarring.

Laura is my Shero

Laura is a real champion for women everywhere. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to learn through her expertise and insightful analysis of victimology and perpetrators of male violence. Her commitment to changing the world for the better is inspiring and has pushed me to educate myself further on coercion, coercive control and acts of male violence. There have even been times where I’ve used some of the organizations she references at the end for people I know in dangerous situations, since it’s also clear that everyday law enforcement is not adequately trained to deal with this type of behavior. It’s unfortunately much more common then we realize and the danger can escalate very quickly. She’s such an advocate for change and her existence gives me hope that in my lifetime we’ll see much more accountability then we have ever seen historically. Thanks for being a champion Laura!!

Thank you!

I am so grateful for Laura for her work advocating for women and victims. I have walked many miles listening to Crime Analyst and learned so much.

Extraordinary insight

Grateful to have found this exceptional podcast - it is my new obsession! I am a gynaecologist and see far too much violence against women. I am gaining much needed psychological insight into these domestic abusers and how difficult it is for women to escape the abusive situation. Thank you, Laura, for the work you do! Would love to know if you are ever in New Zealand!!

Brilliant, Heavy, Necessary

Laura is a brilliant person covering a heavy but necessary topic. I am an RN going back to school for social work and listening to/learning from Laura is guiding my learning interests. I love all episodes but in particular the multi-part “deep dives.” Coercive control is now in my vocabulary and something I’ve been explaining to others along with sharing this podcast!

"Trust your instincts" and listen to this podcast!

'Crime Analyst' hosted by Laura Richards serves this universe by teaching what she's learned through her experiences, education and observations. The cases & stories she presents are so important for all of us to learn from and understand. Laura dedicates her life to fighting for the victim - in many cases, the forgotten - which she does with grit, determination & validation. She teaches her listeners that in abusive relationships, the responsibility and shame lies with the perpetrator. She has changed the way many look at domestic violence & coercive control. Most importantly, she's given hope. Give a listen and you'll learn more than any book can teach you. Her perspective & narrative is responsible and spot-on. Thank you, Laura, for your service and life's work. It's made the world safer for all of us, because every life matters.

Laura's expertise provides her listeners into many different layers of the cases. The podcast is thought- provoking for people who want to learn about and prevent crime. These cases are tough to hear about at times, but you'll become more knowledgeable about how we can do better because of it. Highly recommended. Thank you, Laura.

Always look forward to this podcast as it is informative and interesting

Experience trumps other podcasts

Her experience with Scotland Yard and as a founder of Paladin NSAS means you always hear a thoughtful, dedicated and experienced presentation. I value Laura’s opinions and admire her passion for victims. It doesn’t matter the subject, she is always interesting and thought provoking.

Laura does not dumb it down!

Laura approaches this podcast as if presenting to peers - i.e., people of equal ability to analyze, understand, and form opinions. I have yet to find another podcast that approaches it in its clear, concise delivery of information. Laura doesn’t just sat “hey, look! this is an example of coercive control, take my world for it because I am the expert”. She demonstrates it - proves it. She is a remarkably effective and powerful communicator. Subscribe and share with everyone you know.

I’ve learned so much from Laura Richards

I’ve been an RCP fan for awhile now and even got my sister to listen and discuss the episodes. So I was very excited to hear Laura was also going to have her own podcast! Her expertise and content and activism is so important. And I’ve learned so much about coercive control and femicide and continue to learn. Thanks Laura for all your hard work and dedication, happy new year to you and your beautiful family! My sister got me a crime analyst zip up for Xmas and I absolutely love it!

Seeing clearer

As a victim of emotional domestic abuse, Laura has awakened questioning my perspective on why, early on, I accepted certain behaviors or looked the other way because “who would believe me?” I would like Laura to examine the US family court system and how to begin to change narrative of devastating custody battles, outrageous emotional and financial tolls on victims and perpetrators ( more money )win. Thank you Laura for validating and encouraging us to reject the popular narratives and speak up.

Grateful for Laura’s tireless work for women and children

Laura Richards is my hero. Thank you for your work. You are changing the lives of women and men worldwide and inspiring us all to face misogyny and violence against women and children. No one who listens can remain silent and inactive. Please let us know how we can help you continue your work and what we can do ourselves to further the cause of keeping women and children safe. Thank you again and again.

Thank you for giving me my mantra

Sometimes when I’m doing yoga and the instructor tells us to think of a mantra to carry us off our mats and through the day, I think ‘be curious, ask questions, and always trust your instincts.’ So thank you, Crime Analyst, not just for giving me my daily mantra but also for challenging me to think more critically about true crime and violence against women. You’re amazing and what you’re doing is so important.

A must listen

This podcast makes me want to change laws. Every law enforcement organization should have the DASH training and checklist. And I want coercive control laws in CA. Women’s lives matter and male violence is an issue. Thank you Laura!

Laura rules

No one understands violence against women better than Laura. So thankful for the work she does and she’s truly making the world safer for us. Xoxo

LOVE this educational and enlightening podcast.

One of the podcasts I anxiously wait to see pop into my feed!

I love Laura

She is the advocate all women need.

Love this show!

I absolutely enjoy this show. Laura is so informative and passionate. I love learning about how she breaks down the crime and behaviors to warn us of potential red flags. I would highly recommend this podcast!! Thank you for what you do to help others!

I believe this is one of the most important podcasts that’s on the “ top ten “ lists today.

Amazing Lady!

Hi Laura, l love your podcasts and the wonderful work you do. l have a request though. You talk a lot about how things are angry-making. Having experienced a lot of abuse throughout my life, l have found that anger is not a helpful or healthy emotion to my recovery. In fact, l’ve had lots of CPTSD therapy for that exact reason: being stuck in rage. Therefore l have to say that every time you say something is angry-making, l find it triggering. It interferes with my ability to process the content. l don’t think your audience needs you to prompt us how to feel. l’m sure most of us have plenty of feelings of our own, which we each need to manage in our own way. Trigger warnings are good, but it’s enough to just give us a generic trigger warning, without telling us how something is going to make us feel. Thank you for taking this into consideration.