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I applaud your excellent analysis of the Heard case; it has been authoritative, informative and comforting. As you've mentioned, this case's outcome, and others, are triggering for survivors (including myself) with worrying implications for future disclosures and justice claims. Thanks again for your vital work!

Thank you Laura

Wonderful podcast.

Victoria Police behaves exactly the same way, I have documented the behaviour after I reported a workplace bullying and harassment incident to police in August 2019. Police application for a FVIO against only one of the perpetrators who was validated and emboldened by the response of police and magistrate. There followed 27 MCV Hearings with errors and skullduggery meant that police 600kms away refused to recognise the FVIO and then arrested me three times for 98 breaches stated to police in the nine statements with false information. Police eventually withdrew the stalking charges and filed a revocation of the invalid PSO but before the proceedings were over the Applicants lawyers had another PSO back in place. It’s an extraordinarily complex situation and ongoing instigated by an arch manipulator. Thank you Laura particularly for your work on Gabby Petito it has helped me enormously to understand the abuse I am subjected to. I never realised until I had turned 60.

Radical Perspective

Thank you, Laura! You at so gifted at unmasking misogyny and subtle oppression. Grateful for your expertise, insight, and compassion.

Superb listen, with a unique angle and insight

Laura Richards doesn’t just cover the bare facts of the case, or even the emotional details, but analyzes the meaning behind the actions of perpetrators to uncover what truly happened. In a day where many perpetrators of violence are taken at their word when describing what they did and why, Richards is able to take apart their words, situations and actions and uncover the real, and often more brutal, truth, holding these perpetrators truly accountable. She seamlessly blends her criminal experience and academic knowledge into clear messages that allow listeners to learn and have more insight themselves. If this podcast were required listening for police officers in training, forces all over the world would finally adequately deal with abuse, violence and sexual assault, which many forces don’t deal with well at all. So give it a listen!

Educate’s everyone in relation to actual crime.

Laura Richard’s is always the consummate professional who is passionate in her dedication to the betterment of society. She commits countless hours of her time producing content filled with her expertise in order to inform everyone how to identify others dangerous behavior and increase your safety and the safety of those around you.


Through extensive work and training, Laura has developed a knack for lifting the veil on Domestic Violence. Until I found her some years ago I didn’t have words for the nuances of abuse. She has given me those words. I have so much admiration and appreciation for her exhaustive work. Listen, learn and do something!

Incredibly Informative

I am addicted to Laura Richard’s brain. She is so passionate, detailed and intelligent. Very highly recommended!

A+ Podcast

I highly recommend this podcast. Trust me it will not disappoint.

Laura Richards is a gem

She never just tells lurid tales for entertainment - she’s always trying to protect and inform the public, while offering concrete legal and institutional steps we can take toward greater safety and justice.

Top Rated Podcast! Must Listen for True Crime Fans

This podcast has totally changed my view on the true crime genre. Laura goes through true crime cases in extraordinary detail. Best of all, she is an amazing advocate for woman and children and brings the victims into the story. Take a minute to listen and you will be hooked.

Top tier pod. Loaded with valuable education about victimology, and how to spot the nuances of potentially dangerous or abusive situations. I find it remarkably engaging and no bullshit. I feel that if more people listened to this podcast, there would likely be fewer tragic scenarios where "nobody saw it coming".


We are in awe of your passion and journalistic analysis. Thank you! We can not stop listening to all you commit to!

Riveting and Educational

A talented storyteller and crime analyst specialist,, Laura masterfully retells the crime story and analyzes with kindness for the victims. Her goal is to educate us at the same time. She holds your attention every moment because she has the ability to explain elements of coercive control and manipulation with an experienced and expert eye. I find myself hopeful for the victims of domestic violence and abuse because Laura is out there, working for change in laws and helping educate professionals and the public. Thank you Laura! I don’t miss an episode nor a chance to encourage others to listen in!

Fantastic Podcaster

We are so very fortunate that Ms. Richards gives us her time, expertise and experience, in case analysis while overlooking no detail and in a no-nonsense manner. You have not truly heard everything about a case until Ms. Richards decided to do a deep dive. She challenges your sometimes steadfastly held beliefs by offering new perspectives based on her observation and analysis of hundreds of cases. It is for all these reasons that hers is the podcast I always listen to first.

Victim focused expert analysis

This podcast is a wonderful, educational tool for anyone who wants to better understand the psychology behind coercive control, all the red flags of an abusive relationships that lead to violence (murder in slow motion), and the men who - more often than not - perpetrate those crimes. Laura always shows profound sympathy and compassion towards the victims all while explaining their case from the perspective of an expert criminal behavior analyst. She is an outspoken advocate for women everywhere and has dedicated her life towards creating a safer, more equal world where dangerous men are held accountable for their actions. I have been a long time listener and admirer of Laura and her work. I have learned SO much from listening to her over the years. She inspired me to become a sexual assault response advocate in addition to helping women and children in my local shelter. I cannot recommend her podcast enough and will always be a huge supporter of hers. Love you, Laura!!!

Give it a listen

Every woman should listen to this podcast. Sometimes women don’t even realize that they are in an dangerous relationship till it is too late. Learn what to look for and what to do if you are in one. This podcast is extremely important to listen to. I thank Laura for all her hard work.

Brilliant crime Analysis!

Every police dept., investigative unit and crime detective should go through courses given by Laura Richards! Not only is she highly trained, an intuitive and highly experienced in solving criminal investigations, she’s a wonderful storyteller of cases she has been involved with and has studied. I learn something every time I listen to her!

Laura is an amazing crime analyst! She brings the most interesting and insightful perspective to professional crime analysis. This is the podcast we all want and need to hear. She is always respectful and considerate to the victims. She gets down to the why and often empowers the listeners to learn the red flags. Excellent podcast! I wish it was required listening for law enforcement officers.

The experts

Answers. If you’re looking for them you came to the right place. Answers that put puzzles together and allow you to decide yourself how you think about a particular case. But if there is any doubt left after listening to Laura (Scotland Yard) and Jim (FBI) you’d be in rare company. Plus they do all their work with the utmost respect. 5 stars isn’t enough!

One of the best, most honest and unbiased voice in the true crime world... not void of in depth analysis, integrity and empathy ❤

I love the way Laura explains every aspect of the criminals behaviour in ways you would never think, makes you look at things in a different way, understand the behaviour of both victim and perpetrator, one of my favourite podcasts

Best true crime podcast

Hi! I’m writing from Peru. This is, with no doubt, my favorite podcast out there about true crime. I was a bit tired and sad that most podcasts were going on the show side of things, flashy cases, flashy “killers”. Crime Analyst not only goes deep into the cases Laura covers but also gives a lot of helpful information and tips about how to spot the red flags BEFORE an actual crime happens and puts into context the society we live in. In a genre full of dead women, male serial killers and such, this is one of the few that puts the victims at the forefront and the only one that not only brings information of the past but actually tries to change the future by educating the listeners. I’m a woman. I find this so valuable. I also wish many men listen to this podcast. And, especially, law enforcement officers. Because we need allies.

Powerful victim advocation

Finally a TC podcast that honours victims and corrects the narrative that there is no innocent/good or guilty/bad victim. Thank you Laura

Excellent pod cast

Laura you are amazing. I have been listening to your podcast for a while now and have learned so much. Thank you!

This is an excellent podcast. It focuses on the why and how people get away with it, and, frankly, most of the time it is not because they were smart, but it was because the police did not do their jobs and misogyny on the part of certain police agencies. Truly eye opening to learn of the discrepancy in various law enforcement circles. Recommended.

Brilliant and super interesting

Laura has taught me so much about the subtle signs of coercive control and what it means in relationships. In my opinion, she is a valuable resource for looking at any crime that involves violence against women. She breaks open the patriarchy that we have all come to accept and that has harmed women. We need more people like her.


As a long time activist and survivor of rape and assault I’m painfully aware of many of the details contained in this podcast, while I have never been so informed about the ‘connect the dots’ analyzation as is done on this podcast. NO ONE has ever made women’s experiences in the world this vivid, much less called out the justice system, culture and how we are affected by blatant misogyny. This is the way to create change. Keep pointing out the obvious and be loud about it. It’s time for change. Too many women die every year at the hands of men. It has to stop. THANK YOU!!

Laura is the best

Laura’s insight and analysis is always so thought provoking. She is not afraid to call out the obvious inherent misogyny in the legal system and I am here for it!

Brilliant podcast by a brilliant woman

I learned about Laura Richards after hearing her on Real Crime Profile. Laura deep dives on cases and she takes you on a journey to analyze every nuance that makes up a criminal case. Her analysis is fascinating and I feel like I’m getting a serious education in true crime! She exudes passion and intelligence and is a strong advocate for victims and their loved ones. In listening to Laura’s takes, I’ve been deconstructing my own views on misogyny and power and the ways in which I’ve played into these structures as a woman. I’ve had many mind blowing revelations when listening to this podcast, and I’m so thankful to Laura for her courage to push against cultural structures that disempower women and cost many with their lives. This is a brilliant podcast and I highly recommend it to pretty much everyone. Laura’s work is deeply important to the advancement of our culture and society.