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Amplifying voices and remember the victim is so important in true crime. So many times the victims are glossed over. Called only the victim. But Laura always makes sure #wesaytheirnames showing respect and honoring them. I’m inspired. I am changed. Just over 2 episodes. So good.


Men think differently but I don’t think they should get an out for their behavior. If they see prostitutes and they aren’t checked for sexually transmitted diseases he could bring that home to his wife or partner. please when you finish this killer can you talk about what his behavior and personal…

Love Laura!

I have been listening to Laura for years since the beginning of her other podcast. I love her insight and expertise and I always appreciate her focus on the victim. You can hear her passion for the victims and giving a voice to the voiceless.

Stop everything you are doing and listen immediately.

I am blown away by Laura Richards and her podcast Crime Analyst. Her investigative skills are extraordinary, but what I enjoy even more is her ability to communicate her findings and reasoning with such clarity and conviction. She is also changing the narrative of this case where a serial killer ha…

Exceptional Crime Podcast

From: @spinwithvin1 This podcast is an exceptional work. Episode #3 where Laura interviews Richard McCann is remarkable. After listening to the latest episode, I can’t wait for the next episode. It’s mesmerizing. The subject matter is horrendous, but the passion and enthusiasm for her work shines …

Inside the Mind of a Crime Analyst

Listening to this podcast is like being inside Laura’s mind as she connects the dots and works for victims, and it’s fascinating.


Laura pulls no punches and this podcast is like listening in on a master class on serial murder and investigation. Entertainment is not the goal here - listeners will be absolutely engrossed and moved.

Amazing and informative

This podcast is like sitting in on a crime analyst class. Instead of just grisly crime details, and sensationalized murder, Laura puts everything in context, and encourages you to use your own logic skills to deconstruct events and learn how to see a perpetrator using the aftermath of his crimes. T…

Like an analyst seminar

I love Laura Richards’ format for this podcast. It feels like being lucky enough to attend one of her seminars. Appreciate her caring and expertise.

A Plus

I have never written a podcast review, but have been been listening to Dr. Richards for years on Real Crime Profile (which is dear to me). There is nuance, sensitivity, and truth here. Be prepared to use your heart and with good reason as she gives us an opportunity to be our best selves and advoca…

Listen and learn - Laura pulls NO PUNCHES

The most eloquent advocate for all victims. She won’t even NAME perpetrators. Keeps her focus on crimes against women and the terrible price we all pay when criminals become stars. Hurrah for Laura’s passionate crusade for justice!

F’ing Brilliant

Laura is.. I cannot think of enough or the correct positive adjectives to describe her. She is empowering

This woman is amazing.

enough said!

Finally a crime podcast from a humanitarian

Laura Richards’ credo is that the victims must be elevated and not the perpetrators. And she delivers! Instead of the usual sensational murder porn offering, Ms. Richards deep dive into crime is 3-dimensional. She highlights the impact of crime upon a broader scope of victims, friends, family an…

Laura Richards is a BAMF

I’ve adored Laura Richards for a long time. Unapologetic defender of women. I’ll listen to anything she says.

Highly qualified host with subjects that are absolutely heartbreaking

Laura Richards has long been a voice of reason, sanity and fierce intelligence backed up with TRUTH I truly hope that judges and defense attorneys that work with proven killers and abusers will listen to these episodes, learn as much as they can- and find their soul to change the insane laws that a…


Very happy, and can’t wait to hear next time Thank you!

Love anything by Lara Richards

Serious, academic and informative. She takes great care to honor victims.


Laura Richards is a must have at the top of your True Crime podcast list. She knows and shares so much information about domestic violence and is such an advocate for victims you really want her in your ear when listening or watching true crime.

Wow. Laura always does amazing shows.

I knew this podcast would be great, but I wasn’t expecting it to be as emotional as it is. Wow. Laura is truly amazing in her work. Episode 2 with Richard was great. Listening to him speak of his mother and sister was heartbreaking, to say the least, but beautiful, as well. What an inspiration he i…

Love Laura Richards

I could listen to this all day long. I’m so glad there’s someone out there to give victims a voice.

Like taking a master class in crime analysis

Imagine taking an engaging course from the best professor to learn how crime analysts see criminal behavior? Laura Richards was already one of my sheroes, but now I feel like she also here to teach us how to look at criminal behavior and call out the biases in investigation that allow perpetrators…

Intelligent Analysis

I’ve loved listening to Laura on RCP and was thrilled to hear she was starting her own show. Her focus on victims instead of lionizing perpetrators is refreshing and sorely needed in the true crime case. I do have one request - please stop referring to sex workers as “prostitutes.” The former gi…

A strong woman defending women

We need more women in the world like Laura Richards. She’s intelligent, empathetic, & willing to be a voice for victims.

Passion & Expertise Abound

I’ve always been impressed by Laura Richards. This podcast is so moving, thoughtful, and intentional. It’s a gift to listeners. It’s also a gift to those of us who want to see more dignity and compassion for victims of violent crimes. The advocacy work done through this storytelling is unparalleled.

Must Listen

Excellent podcast for those who have a deep interest in human behaviors as it relates to crime. I’m very impressed with the empathy towards the victims and how their lives are brought to light in the case. I appreciate someone courageous enough to speak out against the media and their lack of respe…

A win for victims.

It’s nice to finally give the victims and their family a voice after decades of victim blaming/shaming. Laura’s passion is evident as is her compassion. She truly gives families a voice and it’s wonderful.

Must Listen podcast

I’ve been following Laura Richards on True Crime Profile. This podcast is just as powerful, incisive and important. This family was so retraumatized by the media and police portrayal of their mom. It’s heart breaking. Please listen to this podcast and share. The right words are crucial and lif…


Laura Richards is amazing. Not only does she focus on victims, her expertise is second to none. She’s so passionate about issues like coercive control and stalking. Her understanding of criminal behavior really helps get at the heart of these issues. This pod is excellent, as expected! Highly reco…

So good

Love hearing “language matters” and why in a murder case. The point is underscored and episode #2 highlights this. Well done.

Patience in interview style

Laura has a clear goal of putting victims of crime at the center of the story. She had a unique patience in her own silence that allows the victims story to come forward. We hear things others would miss because she lets the victims agenda lead. It’s very refreshing.

Poignant and insightful.

Laura Richards has done a sensitive job of listening to the children who were also victims of this ruthless and violent murderer.

Focusing on Victims

Laura Richards is a true shero! She does such a good job at describing the actions of perpetrators through the victims, barely talking about the perpetrator themselves while highlighting victims lives’ and the tragedy of their deaths. I’m excited to listen more to this podcast, since we’ll hear fro…

Crucial lessons

I am a huge fan of of Laura’s other work & her continued advocacy for victims, and this new show is incredible. This podcast is a gift to anyone who engages in true crime or considers themselves a fan. Laura deals with criminals, not monsters or masterminds; criminals with real victims: victims …

Crime Analysis at its Best - Victim Focused

I first heard Laura on The Real Crime Profile podcast where I became hooked by both her brilliance and her work with and for victims of domestic violence. With Crime Analyst, Laura takes on new stories and continues to kick the perpetrators out of the spotlight while putting the victims’ and their …

Learning A Lot!

I like Ms Richards thorough approach to this topic. Especially appreciated is that she avoids sensationalizing the crime/criminals and instead gives voice to the victims.


Could you somehow let people know that due to (The man of the family not doing his job) this is what these women had to do to feed there children. And list the name of the person who left the wife and children and would not help with the children’s care. They don’t have to be married just being t…

Very interesting podcast from one of RCP’s own.

I thoroughly enjoy Laura’s insights on RCP and wasn’t disappointed when I listened to the first episode of Crime Analyst. I highly recommend this podcast for anyone interested in a deep dive into the cases Laura covers. Excellent job, Laura!

The real deal

I’ve been listening to Laura on True Crime Profile all year—it didn’t take long for me to realize she is absolutely brilliant and such an incredible advocate. I’m a clinical social worker; every episode is a master class. I’m so exited this podcast began!

Insightful and Respectful

Laura Richards is an expert in her field, a fierce advocate for victims, and a force for change. Her focus on victims and the people in their lives is a refreshing change from the pseudo-glorification of perpetrators. This podcast is a must listen. Subscribe now, you will love it

Powerful and insightful

Episode 2 is outstanding. Richard McCann is such an insightful and compassionate person. I have been a fan of Laura Richards for years. These two activists together: there is hope for the world. Excellent points on treatment of victims, the legal process, focus on the perpetrators, language used i…

So excited!

I love Laura Richards and can’t wait for more episodes!

5 Stars

Highly recommend this podcast!

A must listen for true crime lovers!

I’ve worked in law enforcement for many years, with both perpetrators and victims. We need to remember to focus on the names of the victims. I find that so many podcasts focus only on the perpetrator’s story. Laura does an exceptional job with keeping the focus of the stories on the victims. She m…


I have been listening to Laura on other podcasts for awhile now. I have learned a lot from her that has changed my perspective on how I see the world. I had never heard of coercive control until Laura. Listening to her really helped me to understand what happened to me as a child and work thorough …

A professional and heartfelt view of the crime

I really enjoy RCP podcast so was excited to hear Laura was going to do her own pod. Loved the first episode and Interview with Richard McCann. Really looking forward to future episodes. Laura is a hard hitter, not afraid to speak the truth and educate.

Thank you!

I’ve loved listening to Laura since the RCP podcast and I am so glad she is giving us more amazing content with the Crimea Analyst episodes. They are insightful and so respectful to the victims that you really feel a connection with the people that really matter - victims, survivors and their famil…

Crime Analyst is an important foray into the darkest cases…

My Colleague and Good Friend Laura Richards gives us her uniquely qualified perspective on a crime series that horrified the world. It is well-written and powerfully delivered. Listen and Learn! Jim Clemente, Ret. FBI SSA/Profiler

Just the best!

Laura shows us again how to speak up for victims. She does an amazing job addressing the elements of the crimes without feeding into the sensationalism of the perpetrators. She also gives surviving family members a voice and space to share their grief and experiences with horrific crimes. Thank you…

Her Expertise is Astounding!!

Laura Richards expertise in identifying and analyzing patterns of these serial perpetrators is spot on!! She advises law enforcement agencies around the world on domestic violence! Her goal is to focus on the victims; NOT the abuser!! Excellent podcast!!


This is an excellent podcast.

So good

Loved it! Can’t wait for more

Fantastic podcast!

Laura is top of her field and understands true crime and how to represent the victims' voices better than anyone. She will always fight for women and making sure there is justice.

So Informative!

Incredible teacher! I learn every time I listen to Laura speak on her podcasts. She deep dives into these important cases ensuring that these victims are not forgotten, but the perpetrators are!

Such a great podcast

An excellent podcast from Laura which focuses on the victims. She is so qualified to do a series like this and I love how she refuses to use the killer’s name. I loved the first episode. It’s for the real true crime geeks.

Excellent analysis!

Laura’s ability to describe what it takes to excel one ones job (crime analyst in this case), and how you must submerged yourself deep within the details. When you have a passion and high level of determination for something, this makes absolute sense. I respect the open minded and victim centered …


Laura Richards is a true advocate and voice for victims and survivors. I’ve learned so much over the years I have been listening and been taught by her in several arenas. She is a true SHERO!

What a true crime podcast should be

This is what all true crime stories should be about: THE VICTIMS! Yes she tells the full story: the when, where, why, how but the WHO is what really sets this apart. While you learn about the offender, it is in a such as way as there is no glorification, no notoriety (which so many offenders seek).…

So good and inspiring

I LOVE this. Laura is such a great teacher, and this podcast is amazing. She does such a great job at breaking down the pieces. I am trying break into the Crime/Intel analysis field and hearing this reminds me why I want to do it.

A Hero

I first found Laura through her other podcast Real Crime Profile. This solo venture is already packed with all the things I love in a podcast: true crime, feminism, and education. Laura tells the victims’ stories so passionately while also teaching the audience how to avoid a similar circumstance a…

Highly recommend

Once again, Laura brings her expertise, intelligence and humanity to a podcast. Can’t recommend enough

Laura has done it again....

Been listening to Ms. Richard’s on Real Crime Profile with Jim Clemente and Lisa Z. She is awesome on that podcast. Here you are able to hear her POV on a case. She goes into the importance of all of the people that are affected and why it is important to learn from the past and enact change. It…


I look forward to this podcast every week! I love Laura on Real Crime Profile and was so excited when I heard she was doing another podcast!


Please cut down on music And tell us what the behaviors of this killer was On a daily basis. And I’m glad you have a survivor on to tell what life was like for their mom and their lives after her death. And let everyone know that she had to do what she did to feed the kids.

Love Laura!

Love Laura’s approach, we really need to stop idolizing the offenders and understanding and caring about the victims and their families. This is a learning podcast!

Thorough, Caring and Interesting

I am a real crime profile podcast fan and loyal listener so of course I had to check out Laura‘s new podcast. Laura is thoughtful, resourceful, caring, empathetic and a fierce advocate for victims. This podcast, even after the first episode, has not disappointed!

Five stars for the True Crime Queen!

I will follow Laura wherever she goes! She is the True Crime Queen. Incredible insight. She ropes me in every time and I learn so much about not only the crime she is analyzing but THE WORLD WE LIVE IN. Five stars!

It’s a true analysis

I wish I could rate this higher than 5 stars. Laura’s analysis is so thorough, I cannot wait for more episodes.

Laura Richards Is My Hero

I listen to a lot of true crime podcasts but no one is able to offer a perspective like Laura Richards. She is refreshingly blunt and professional. Laura does not just read you cases and information, she teaches you why. She is the realest of the real, she is a well of information and advocation an…

Laura Richards is a ROCK STAR

So excited for this pod cast. Ms Richards is a tireless victims’ advocate and excellent storyteller. Looking forward to more episodes!

Amazing advocate for crime victims

I absolutely love Laura-she goes into detail like no one else and helps you understand the “why” behind these horrific crimes. She’s an amazing advocate for the victims, their families, and women. If anything ever happens to me I’ve told my husband to hire you to investigate! Keep up the amazing wo…

Yay Laura !!

Brilliant Teacher, love listening to Laura I have learned so much from you Laura about Cohersive Control and have helped many of my patients.

Laura Richards, advocate for truth changes us all for the better

Laura’s hands on experience and insight have taught me SO much about truth and justice in relationships. Her clarity and vision haven’t just changed the laws to better protect women. She also teaches each and every one of us how to better spot manipulation, coercion, and danger. I love learning fro…


Laura is an amazing activist and smart!! I love hearing her truth bomb from her expert lens. I feel like as a survivor, she actually had my back! Love your work!! Thank you for all you do for abuse victims Laura!


Laura Richards has one of the most fascinating minds in true crime.

Important & Necessary Podcast

Laura Richards is my shero. Her work with domestic violence and stalking victims is so important. This podcast is going to help so many people understand coercive control and prevent murders in slow motion. Thank you Laura!

Smart; amazing teacher to all.

Laura is such an important person for any true crime lover to have in their ear! She’s taught me so much about how to look at situations and circumstances that I previously either didn’t understand fully or didn’t realize that the “typical” outlook shouldn’t be “typical”. She’s an inspiration, a …