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Thoughtfully presented

Did the officer TRULY call his supervisor? Laura challenges listeners to think differently. Can’t wait for the day when suspected domestic violence triggers police required to call outside coercive control expert. Folks, I hIghly recommended listen.

I learn with every episode!

Laura is amazing! Her knowledge & frankness is mesmerizing. I look forward to a new episode & gaining more knowledge. As a DV survivor, I truly thank her for the insights & her fight to help the victims.

Expert, in-depth, highly informative analysis of crime cases

Listeners are extremely fortunate to have Laura Richards, an world- renowned expert in behavioral profiling, a former member of Scotland Yard, FBI consultant, and an expert in threat assessment/ analysis for coercive control, stalking, domestic violence and homicide, providing free crime analysis and information through this podcast. Her episodes are fascinating and extremely instructive. As a woman and mother, I have learned so much regarding red flag behaviors in partners and potential partners. I have passed this along and used it to educate my teenage daughter. She is already putting it into practice with some not great potential dates. We now have a framework that we can easily use to talk about these matters. I think every single woman would benefit from listening g to Laura.

Episode re Cosby

I just listened to the Bill Cosby episode. I am so grateful for Laura and her guest shining a light on what our culture doesn’t want to see. Thank you!

Healing through listening!

Dear Laura. Thank you for helping me heal through your words! Your work towards positive changes in law enforcement insight to help save lives. I recommend this podcast to everyone.

RHAP Podcasters recommended Crime Analyst as they summarized a Gabby Petito documentary on Peacock. I have been so distraught the last few weeks listening to Laura. She is so knowledgeable and I have learned so much. Thank you Laura for all you have done for domestic violence and cohersive control. You are a voice for all who don't have one or haven't found yet. Bless you

I love @CrimeAnalyst because Laura Richards is the only professional who has guided me as to why I received absolutely no help from police when my ex husband destroyed me and tried to kill me. She validated my experience with #coercivecontrol , thank you Laura‼️ Her process of validating and breaking down the "bro-behavior", misogyny and manipulation the coercive controller uses to mis direct and lie about his pawn and victim is brilliantly accurate. Gaslighting is the tool he uses most often to lie and deceive others. Most people on the outside looking in will not see it unless they are trained in spotting coercive control because it is psychological, different than using only violent words, punching and gossip. Until I learned about coercive control I could not figure out the abuse because it's different. The stronger and more successful I was, the worse it got. Everyone needs to learn about this narcissistic behavior. Thank you again!

I’m hooked

After listening to episode 100 on the Gabby Petito case, I’m hooked. I’ll be going back to listen to all episodes on this case and then, I’m sure, keep listening. Great work on analysis of what we know mixed w/ instinct to create a plausible timeline. One thought, I think Gabby might have told Brian she wanted to break up with him and that’s what pushed him over the edge to kill her. As we know, the most dangerous time to leave. I gave a speech recently on identifying the dominant aggressor and used this case to show what can happen when police get it wrong. I listened to the body cam videos. I’m trying to remember exactly one part. A female officer was alone with Gabby and said something to her about Brian - not complimentary - and Gabby told her she “might need to make a change.” Which seems to hint that she was realizing there was trouble in her paradise. I can look through my notes if you want more on this. We desperately need a risk assessment tool to help police and others identify the dominant aggressor. I’m involved in a research project to do just that. Also, I understand why DV advocates are hesitant to jump in with making coercive control a federal offense. Look at what happened with the mandatory arrest laws. Reach out if you want to discuss. I’m a survivor. (I made a film, No Ordinary Love, to raise awareness. Streaming on AmazonPrime & others). Thank you for the work you are doing. Without awareness, we’ll never get this addressed correctly and keep women safe in their homes.

Invaluable information

This podcast should be required listening for us all. Whether you’re a police officer or a parent or a partner you’ll get something out of the painstaking breakdown and analysis. I rarely write reviews but hope this one helps elevate this podcast up the charts. Crime Analyst will save lives if the information it contains becomes mainstream. Thank you, Ms Laura, for your tireless advocacy.

Laura does incredible work

Laura does incredible work for victims and survivors. I so appreciate her work to not only educate the general public in a way that is accessible, but also to create real change. I love Crime Analyst and as a survivor myself, am so appreciative of Laura’s work and her fierce advocacy for victims/survivors.


Congratulations on your 100th episode. I have learned so much from you. And from Real Crime Profile.

Laura has a brilliant, empathetic and highly intelligent mind. These analytical podcasts are a real deep dive into all forms of domestic terrorism and coercive behaviour. But most importantly the victims are always first and foremost in every one of Laura's cases. An absolute MUST listen for everyone.

Love Laura

Laura does a great job of explaining and defining actions and words so that we can all learn (especially me-share with my husband retired law enforcement).

Appreciate you!

Laura’s wisdom is so appreciated! I learn so much every week. Listening to Crime Analyst is the first thing I do every Tuesday while walking my dog. I’ve learned so much about coercive control and now realize how thankful I am I got out of a bad relationship where that was happening and I didn’t even know it. With Laura’s wisdom and my experience I can help others see what’s not easy to see. Thank you for your voice, Laura!

Coercive Control starts with Communication

This is one of my most favorite podcasts. As a communication coach and trainer I help people identify manipulative communication. Dr. Laura Richards is incredibly adept at pointing out the nuances of behavior and communication. I learn some thing with every episode! Prevention is better than dealing with the aftermath of coercive control. I hope together we can all end this.Women have always had all the power as the creators of life - it’s time we realize it and stop allowing coercive control, more importantly stop rewarding it.

This is my favourite podcast because I don't want to just keep consuming interesting yet horrible crime stories. I want to know how we can change society for the better, when the problems of misogyny/patriarchy/ violence seem to be so entrenched. Laura dives deep into the detailed evidence and comes up with brilliant insights.

If I could give more than 5 stars, I would! It is so refreshing to finally listen to a true crime podcast which focuses on victims and how we can learn from these tragedies to better understand how to prevent such horrors from happening again. I've been a fan of Laura for many years and her dedication and vast knowledge has been instrumental in making changes to laws when it comes to better protecting women from violence from men in particular. Thank you Laura for being a loud voice for women everywhere. Give this a listen, you will not be disappointed!

I love this podcast, it's helping so may understand the dynamics of situations.

A Plus

I have never written a podcast review, but have been been listening to Dr. Richards for years on Real Crime Profile (which is dear to me). There is nuance, sensitivity, and truth here. Be prepared to use your heart and with good reason as she gives us an opportunity to be our best selves and advocate for victims. Update: Having continued to listen over this year; this information she is giving is invaluable. Women desperately need those who can help to listen and take note. The crazy woman diatribe is tired and women need actual assistance. Thank you DLR!


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your efforts on behalf of women! I to one day see your work on domestic violence be the gold standard of law enforcement world wide! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! D_R2022

The best true crime podcast, hands-down

Laura Richards has changed the way I view the true crime genre. She shines a bright light on how victims of crime are exploited by the media for entertainment. Her analyses of cases are artful. She is a true expert and a powerful advocate for women and children and everyone who experiences coercive control, violence, and abuse of any other kind. I want to be like her when I grow up!

Keep going Laura!

Your work is so important and this podcast helps us all see and analyze more deeply. Thank you for your in depth coverage.

I am now a feminist

Thank you Laura for opening my eyes to the misogyny that so many people, women included, have come to accept. Can’t get enough of this interesting and informative podcast! I would also love to hear more information on the recent ruling against upholding Roe vs Wade. Personally I am disgusted by the direction this so called developed country is taking into the dark ages where dirty old white men tell women how we may live our lives. Enough with the Prolife-until-it-come-to-guns point of view.

Women telling womens’ stories

Long time listener ( also love RCP). This is an amazing podcast, led by an expert and advocate who can break situations down in a way that all can understand. Laura, I appreciate how you speak your truth, don’t beat around the bush and keep the focus on survivors. Thank you for your advocacy. -Jess

This is by far the best crime podcast to listen to if you are a true crime buff. Even though the cases can hard to listen too, Laura's professionalism and extensive knowledge gives you a better understanding of the many terrible crimes that have been committed over the years. Laura also shines a light on coercive control and stalking. I'm always impressed how Laura never forgets the victims and their families as most of the time the perpetrator is glorified in other podcasts/documentries/films etc. Thank you Laura for your continued work which I'm sure has saved and changed many lives and also for your fantastic podcast 👍

Love this podcast its different from what i have listened to from other crime shows as it goes more in depth and i love how the show is about the victims its about them the way it should be not the remebering the person who did it as they deserve no recognition so thankyou for that people seem to forget the victims it should not be that way they deserve to be remembered

Long time listener and enjoy learning new things every week!!

I’m a long time listener of Laura’s and really enjoy the insider knowledge that she brings from all her years of experience! I look forward to the podcast every week! This podcast has educated me so much on DV, especially on coercive control. I wanted to write this review to tell Laura and other listeners that because of this podcast, I’ve been using Laura’s terminology when talking to others about topics in the news. For example, during the Depp vs Heard headlines, I had a lot of family and friends on Depp’s side. We had lots of debates on it, but then i told them I went into that DV is not always physical or emotional, that coercive control is abuse too but it plays out in a different way, but is just as much abuse as physical/emotional abuse. My family questioned me about it, but I held firm and was able to get through to them by the end. Thanks Laura for all that you do ❤️❤️

Thank you, Laura.

Thank you for setting the record straight in regards to Johnny Depp and how people enabled an abuser and further abuse of a victim.

Absolutely love this podcast! Laura is fabulous at getting to the heart of the mystery. I just started deep diving into Gabby Petito's case on here. Still can't believe those cops not asking the more probing questions to find out what was really happening.

I learn so much from this show

We have so many interactions with people and sometimes get the wrong end of the stick. People act so much from their subconscious mind. I feel so comfortable trusting my gut after this show and listening to real crime profile. It is almost like my subconscious mind is the only thing that hears and feels the cues from others and sends the signals directly to my stomach. It’s so validating to hear that this isn’t something to ignore and is actually the highest form of intelligence we have. Thank you Laura.