Jan. 17, 2023

112: The Crime Analyst | Ep 112 | Behind the Scenes of the Prince Andrew BBC Newsnight Interview with Sam McAlister Part 1

112: The Crime Analyst | Ep 112 | Behind the Scenes of the Prince Andrew BBC Newsnight Interview with Sam McAlister Part 1
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In this episode Laura speaks with Sam McAlister, producer, and booker extraordinaire for the BBC, who secured the BBC Newsnight Interview with Prince Andrew in 2019.

Sam is a former barrister and author of the book, Scoops. Scoops details all the behind the scenes of the BBC most shocking interviews, which includes the BBC interview with Prince Andrew, which changed history forever.

Sam shares behind the scenes details about the interview with Prince Andrew and Laura provides insight into the psychology of his behaviour and actions. Laura also tells Sam she was asked to analyse and profile the interview for the BBC before the interview aired on BBC Newsnight.

Before discussing Prince Andrew, Laura asks Sam about the most watched BBC Newsnight interview with Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus. Amanda was 16 and Gina 14 years old when they were tricked into going with Aerial Castro in Cleveland Ohio. Castro took them to his home, and they spent years locked in his basement, even giving birth whilst in captivity.

You will not want to miss this.

More about Sam: Sam was the first in her family to go to university, before training to be a criminal barrister. As a single mum, she decided her real passion was in news. Now BAFTA-nominated for her work with BBC Newsnight, McAlister’s hard-won exclusives have shaped the public conversation including Stormy Daniels, Sean Spicer, Brigitte Höss, Steven Seagal, Mel Greig and Julian Assange.

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