Jan. 31, 2023

114: The Crime Analyst | Ep 114 | Deconstructing Coercive Control and the Impact on Children with Dr Emma Katz

114: The Crime Analyst | Ep 114 | Deconstructing Coercive Control and the Impact on Children with Dr Emma Katz

Laura interviews Dr Emma Katz about her new book ‘Coercive Control in Children’s and Mother’s Lives.’ Emma is an Associate Professor at Durham University and is the leading academic expert on how coercive control impacts on children and young people.

Laura and Emma deconstruct and analyze numerous cases using a coercive control framework including Tausha Haight, her five children and mother Gail Earl who were brutally murdered by Michael Haight in Utah on January 4 2023, the murders of Claire and Charlotte Hart by Lance Hart in Lincolnshire 2016 and David Carrick, a Metropolitan Police officer who just pled guilty to 80 sexual assaults of women.

Laura and Emma discuss what coercive control is, the link with femicide and familicide, why a coercive controller is not a good parent, what signs to look out for, the impact that a coercive controller has on a child’s psychosocial and emotional development, the family court, why we must focus on perpetrators and hold them to account as well as the cost of not doing so. You will not want to miss this.

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Emma’s Book https://www.amazon.com/Coercive-Control-Childrens-INTERPERSONAL-VIOLENCE/dp/0190922214


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