June 25, 2021

27: The Forgotten Victims | Part 22 | Psychological Autopsy and Profile of PS Ctd

27: The Forgotten Victims | Part 22 | Psychological Autopsy and Profile of PS Ctd
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In this episode, Laura deconstructs motivation, the ‘why dunnit’ which is important to understand regarding identification, culpability, diagnosis and risk management as well as learning opportunities for the future.

Laura discusses an alarming discovery following PS’s conviction, which led to his transfer to Broadmoor High Security Psychiatric Hospital.

Trigger Warning:  This episode contains PS’s voice and narrative about motive and Laura’s analysis comparing and contrasting it with his crime scene behaviour.

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Michael Bilton (2012) The Hunt For the Yorkshire R***** Wicked Beyond Belief, updated edition
The R***** Murdered My Mum. Courtesy of True North https://www.truenorth.tv/work/ripper-murdered-mum/

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