July 16, 2021

30: Special Report from the Intelligence Cell | Cosby Is Free. Britney Is Not….Going To Be Silenced Anymore with Loni Coombs

30: Special Report from the Intelligence Cell | Cosby Is Free. Britney Is Not….Going To Be Silenced Anymore with Loni Coombs

In this special report, I discuss the latest developments with former criminal prosecutor and legal expert Loni Coombs who was at the court on July 14 2021 for the hearing.

I highlight what has happened in the three weeks since the world heard Britney Spears’s shocking and unfiltered testimony about the “abusive conservatorship” that she has been living under for the past 13 years.

I compare and contrast it to Bill Cosby and the decisions taken in his case, a set of decisions that should alarm everyone and wake us all up to grave injustices that are happening every day and where women pay the price.

Cosby and others were entitled to pick their own legal team. Britney was not. Cosby is free. Britney is not. This case is important for all women everywhere. Listen. Be outraged. Get Angry. Get Loud. Take action.

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