Aug. 6, 2021

33: The Forgotten Victims | Part 25 | The Richards Report: Re-Centering the Victims

33: The Forgotten Victims | Part 25 | The Richards Report: Re-Centering the Victims

In this final episode, Laura analyses the letter writer and tape maker as well as the behavioural profile of someone who would act in this way.

Laura discusses the apology issued by West Yorkshire Police in November 2020 as well as the learning opportunities from this case in terms of future early identification, intervention and prevention of serial offenders and killers.

Most importantly, Laura re-centers and remembers the victims in the final episode of the podcast series documenting this much needed re-investigation. You really won’t want to miss this.

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Wilma McCann
Emily Jackson
Irene Richardson
Debra Schlesinger
Patricia ‘Tina’ Atkinson
Jayne McDonald
Jean Jordan
Yvonne Pearson
Helen Rytka
Vera Millward
Josephine Whittaker
Barbara Leach
Marguerite Walls
Jacqueline Hill
Barbara Ann Young
Elizabeth Parravicini
Carol Wilkinson

The unnamed prostitute attacked in 1969
The unnamed 19-year-old typist
Gloria Wood
Rosemary Stead
Maureen Hogan
The unnamed prostitute in Doncaster
Yvonne Mysliwiec
Anna Rogulskyj
Olive Smelt
Tracey Brown
Marcella Claxton
Maureen Long
Marilyn Moore
Ann Rooney
Dr Upadya Bandara
Maureen ‘Mo’ Lea
Theresa Sykes

Go Fund Me Link to the Women’s Memorial Garden
The council have now agreed to create a Memorial Garden for the victims, survivors, and families, which is fantastic news. Funds are still required however. If you would like to donate to the Memorial Garden, please follow Richard McCann @ICanInspire on Twitter for the latest information.

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