Dec. 19, 2020

Crime Analyst Trailer 001

Crime Analyst Trailer 001
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You’ve met the CSIs, the detectives and the profilers – well now it’s time for Crime Analyst.
If you're interested in real crime and good storytelling that's respectful to victims
and you want more insight and in-depth analysis about the who, the what, the where, the when, the how and the why... congratulations! You’ve found your next podcast!

Ride shotgun with me, Laura Richards world renowned and award-winning Criminal Behavioural Analyst, former New Scotland Yard every week as we profile behaviour and identify the red flags to prevent murders in slow motion.

Come join me in the intelligence cell as we deconstruct and analyse real cases.

The first episode of Crime Analyst drops January 8 2021.

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Be Curious.
Ask Questions.
Always Trust Your Instincts.