Dec. 17, 2021

53: Special Report from the Intelligence Cell | Ep 53 | Preventing Murder in Slow Motion™: The Aftermath with Zoe Dronfield, Part 3

53: Special Report from the Intelligence Cell | Ep 53 | Preventing Murder in Slow Motion™: The Aftermath with Zoe Dronfield, Part 3

Laura continues her conversation with survivor, activist, campaigner and all-round warrior Zoe Dronfield.  Zoe describes her fight for custody of her daughter, Sofia, in the Family Court whilst simultaneously fighting for justice in the Criminal Court at Smith’s trial.

We  discuss our campaign for serial stalkers and domestic abusers to be included on the same database as registered sex offenders as well as a need to change the culture and focus on perpetrators as well as Zoe’s legal case against the police and the wide reaching repercussions it has for victims. You won’t want to miss this.

Want to help us create real change to better protect women? Here’s what you can do:
1. Please support our campaign by sharing this important episode with family, friends and colleagues and amplify our voices.
2. Sign and share our petition for serial domestic abusers and stalkers to be proactively identified, assessed and managed in a similar way and using the same framework for sex offenders

3. Contribute to Zoe’s Go Fund Me -
Zoe is issuing proceedings in the High Court against the police. In order to do this, she needs your help with the court fees. Zoe believes the police failed in their duty to fully investigate matters reported and had the reports made by victim 3 been fully prosecuted, victims 4-16 would potentially never have been abused by him as he may have been serving a long custodial sentence. Zoe’s legal team say she has a strong case. If she can raise the money this legal case could have far reaching implications in helping thousands of women failed by the police get compensation, and more importantly, force a change in attitude and practice from the police who will finally be held to account.

Domestic Abuse, Stalking and Harassment and so-called Honour Based Abuse (DASH) Risk Identification, Assessment and Management Model

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