Emma and Lettie Pattison were brutally shot dead by George Pattison. He did this all on his own.

Emma Pattinson, seven year old Lettie & husband George were found dead at their homes on the grounds of Epsom College in Surrey on Sunday 5 February. George Pattison - the man who was supposed to love and care for them both - brutally killed them. He chose to do this all on his own yet some media are blaming Emma for her high powered job overshadowing him. It has nothing to do with Emma. It’s about his inadequacies and jealous and controlling behaviour. He could have walked away. He could have left her. But he didn’t. Instead he CHOSE to brutally murder Emma & Lettie. Imagine the fear they must have felt. This is ALL on him. He did it because he could - he believed he was entitled to kill them. Women and children do not belong to men. Stop blaming women for male violence. Honour, respect and mourn Emma and Lettie. Hold him - George Pattison - responsible for his actions and him alone #EmmaPattison #LettiePattison #CrimeAnalyst #Expert #MaleViolence #VictimBlame #EnoughIsEnough #Crime #Murder