The Case of Joanna Simpson: the British Airways killer who must stay behind bars

On Halloween 2010, Joanna Simpson was brutally bludgeoned to death by her estranged husband, Robert Brown, within earshot of their two young children and buried in a pre-dug grave.

At court, after nearly 15 hours of deliberation, the jury cleared Brown, a British Airways pilot, of murder. He was convicted for manslaughter and sentenced to 26 years. He will be released after serving just 13 years in November 2023.

In this episode Laura discusses the case, the events leading up to Jo being brutally killed, the details about how Jo was killed and what happened afterwards in terms of Brown’s post offence behaviour, his arrest and the trial. Laura discusses the prosecution’s case and how the family were treated both inside and outside court.

Laura also shares critical insight about the case and Brown’s mindset, which she has seen repeatedly amongst men who kill their former or current partners. This insight is essential if we are to prevent murders in slow motion like Jo’s, effectively prosecute men like Brown and ensure the sentence reflects the crime.

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Trigger warning: This case is upsetting, and it may be triggering.

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