The Case of Nicola Bulley

Nicola Bulley disappeared on Friday 27 January.
She had dropped her two little girls at school and was walking her dog Willow by the river at St Michael's on Wyre in Lancashire.
At 0901 she joined at work call via Microsoft Teams. She was seen by a witness at 0910am. Her phone was found on a bench at around 0935am, still connected to the call. There was no sign of Nicola.

Willow was found close to the bench. The dog's harness was found on the floor. It was not unusual for the dog to have her harness removed for this part of the walk and this was a regular walk Nicola would do.

The police were called and a search of the water was undertaken the same afternoon. The police said they believed it was a not a 'crime inquiry' that there is no evidence that a third party was involved and that their working hypothesis is that she accidentally fell in the water.

Nicola's family and friends have said she is a strong swimmer and there is no evidence to suggest she fell in the water.

One week on a photo was released of what Nicola was wearing on the day. She was wearing an ankle length black quilted gilet jacket, black Engelbert Straus waist coat which had long sleeves and came to her waist. She was wearing tight black jeans and had long green walking socks tucked into her jeans. She was wearing a size 5 ankle length green wellington boots and a blue Fitbit.

The first 72 hours of a case like this are critically important. In this video Laura discusses Nicola's victimology, the location and the timeline as well as questions including:
Why did it take one week to release the image of Nicola on the day she disappeared? Why do police believe it's not a crime inquiry? What information corroborates this? What information corroborates that she never left the area and that a third party was not involved? Why have the police said they are interested in a 10 minute window of time, when Nicola was last seen ay 0910am and her phone was found at around 0935am? If they believed Nicola fell in the water, why did it take so long to call in a specialist underwater search team like Peter Faulding from the Specialist Group International? When Peter was finally brought in at the behest of Nicola's family, what did he find and say about the case?

Laura also discusses next steps in the investigation and how you can help.

Anyone with information or footage can call 101 quoting log 565 of January 30. For any immediate sightings, call 999.
If you have dashcam footage e-mail

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