Update: Day 8 New information and CCTV images of Nicola Bulley have been released

Finally CCTV images of Nicola from Friday 27 January have been released. Also her friend Tilly Ann has shared key information including:
1. The dog, Willow, never has her harness on for a chunk of that walk, it's removed at the gate of the top field and then put back on at the gate when they leave.
2. They very rarely take the ball out for walks with Willow and haven't done for a while because she is protective over the ball.
Nicola would often put her phone on loudspeaker when talking.
3. The dog was found very close to both the bench and the harness. The harness was found on the floor not on the bench.
Nicola is an incredibly strong swimmer.
4. She drove to the school to drop her two daughters off and then left her car there and walked to the river.
5. The dog was dry when found.
6. The dog has since been back.
7. There's CCTV at the back of the caravan park. The only camera that isn't working is the one that would have seen everything.
Lancashire police still have a lot of work to do. The hypothesis that she fell in the water is just that. Currently, there is no evidence that corroborates that. Nicola did not just disappear into thin air. There are further searches and lines of inquiry being pursued by Lancashire police. If you have seen Nicola or know anything please call the police on 101 or for immediate sightings call 999. #NicolaBulley #WhereIsNicola #CanYouHelp #Missing #MissingPerson #LancashirePolice #Appeal #CrimeAnalyst #Expert