Update: Day six and still no sign of mother of two, Nicola Bulley

A new witness has come forward but there is still no sign of Nicola Bulley who was last seen at 0915am on Friday 27 January. The timeline and sequence of events are the key to finding Nicola.

Timeline of events:
08:43 - Nicola walked along the path by the River Wyre, having dropped her children off at school
08:50 - A dog-walker who knows Nicola saw her walking along the lower field. Their two dogs interacted briefly
08:53 - Nicola sent an email to her boss
09:01 - She logged into a Teams call
About 09:10 - A witness who knows Nicola saw her on the upper field walking her dog, Willow
09:30 - The Teams call ended but she stayed logged on
About 09:35 - Nicola’s mobile phone and dog Willow were found at a bench by the river.

Police were alerted after Nicola’s dog was found running loose off Garstang Road about 25 minutes after she was last spotted by a witness. Another woman in the area said she had seen the dog moments after it was found.

She recognised the spaniel and knew who it belonged to, adding that it was "bone dry" and showed no signs of having been in the river that morning.

Nicola’s phone was later found on a bench, still connected to a work call.

A harness and lead for her springer spaniel, Willow, was also discovered on the bench. Nicola’s parents have spoken of their "dread" at the thought of never seeing her again as the search continues. If you saw Nicola or were in the area call Lancashire police

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