March 4, 2022

66: The Crime Analyst | Ep 66 | Profiling The Batman with Umberto Gonzalez, Part 1

66: The Crime Analyst | Ep 66 | Profiling The Batman with Umberto Gonzalez, Part 1
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In this episode, Laura is joined by special guest Umberto Gonzalez, fanboy journalist and Heroic Hollywood founder who currently covers the superhero beat for The Wrap. 

Why is Laura is profiling The Batman, you might be wondering? Having seen the movie with Umberto, it became apparent that The Batman was more of a dark and twisty psychological thriller than a superhero movie! It’s a detective story about an investigation that becomes very personal.

And with The Batman in full on detective mode, and Matt Reeves disclosing that he researched profiling and serial killers in a Q&A session after the movie, Umberto asked Laura questions about the psychology and profile of The Batman and The Riddler and what Matt Reeves and Peter Craig, the co-writers, got right – and wrong – and so Laura decided to share the conversation with you lovely lot.

As a 30-year Batman vet, Umberto gives Laura the scoop on what he thought about The Batman as well as the casting of Robert Pattinson into this iconic role and so much more. You won’t want to miss this.

** Spoiler alert ** We go in, so watch the movie before you listen!

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