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So insightful

I’ve been a faithful listener of Real Crime Profile since the beginning and I am thrilled to here only your voice and POV! Your thoughts and years of experience have educated me into deeper thinking. Can’t wait for the next episode every week! Keep up the good fight!

Awesome Podcast!

When I need accurate and thorough information ..Laura Richards and Crime Analyst podcast is the first place I look. I love this podcast because it’s not just someone reading and researching, Laura has actually “battled in the trenches” so to speak. Loads of respect!!

No one better than Laura Richards

Laura Richards has been an unbelievable resource in educating me about coercive control and the subtle ways leakage can reveal true motivations, as well as the imbalance in gender and crime. After years of referring to domestic violence, I have pivoted and Male violence is now in my lexicon . If you listen to crime analysis podcasts, this (and Real Crime Profile) are the ones to follow, and share.

Brilliant and super interesting

Laura has taught me so much about the subtle signs of coercive control and what it means in relationships. In my opinion, she is a valuable resource for looking at any crime that involves violence against women. She breaks open the patriarchy that we have all come to accept and that has harmed women. We need more people like her.

I wish there were more Laura's in the world

You can feel how much Laura cares about her work and all the victims/survivors discussed. Laura's passion and empathy are unmatchable. She speaks the truth even when it's not pretty. Thank you Laura! You're a warrior 💜

Incredible, knowledge and skilled professional

Laura is a knowledgeable professional with many years of experience helping victims of domestic violence. Her work helps bring light to this challenging and often misunderstood topic. I like to listen to her discussion about crime and how we can prevent it. I wish we had more Lauras in every community able to help educate others and protect victims.

Thank you!

I feel like no one cares about women, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA+ people, but Laura gives me hope even when I’m tired. I’ve experienced coercive control and abuse and I’m so glad people like Laura are talking about it. If we don’t talk about no one will. Thanks for a great and empathetic podcast.

Warrior training

I think this podcast is the best example of how we educate ourselves to become warriors against misogyny and domestic violence. Bravo!

Best and most informative podcast ever

I absolutely love Real Crime Profile and all of Laura’s work but this podcast is my favorite and the most relevant to the work that I do. I love how the victims always come first and the care, compassion, and understanding that Laura always gives to victims and families while equally not allowing perpetrators to get away with things. I couldn’t recommend this podcast anymore highly for people that want a victim-centric view on crimes and actually want to work to better themselves and their work. As a trauma therapist this show helps me constantly to shape my work, ideas, and the specific language that I use.

Absolute champion!

I would give this podcast 10 out of 10 stars if I could. Just so good and she just keeps going amidst all the ridiculous naysayers out there. Well done! What a brave and fabulous soul.

Listen Now

Laura is brilliant, thoughtful and insightful. I’d encourage everyone to listen to these difficult but important conversations. She is such an advocate for those who have been systematically silenced.

Laura is the best!!!

Laura is so very good! I love her passion. She is extremely intelligent and so informative. I am learning about coercive control. Learning about cases the media doesn’t report about. She has the most soothing voice yet being so professional and matter of fact and I love it all! My favorite podcast! Thank you for being the voice of these women and educating us all of these behaviors. Give her a listen. Xoxo

Ultra Professional Lifesaving Analysis

Without a doubt, Laura is the most professional and the most compassionate crime analyst. There is a major goal behind every episode of her podcasts and YouTube videos and that is to protect the public from intruders, to protect women from the unimaginable by educating them through fascinating analysis of cases that have concerned people globally. I am personally grateful for the time and efforts she invests in these podcasts.

Public Service Expert

Laura provides a public service as an expert in coercive control and an advocate for women. Her experience and passion come through loud and clear as she retells victim stories and alerts listeners to legal and policing pitfalls. I love that she addresses her audience as “lovely listeners”. It adds warmth and personality to the serious topics that she discusses.

She’s taught me so much. I love that she honors the victims and makes prevention key.


Love her- she is so qualified, and so intelligent, she speaks with clarity, directness and strength, she teaches us, as she invites us to come along, because she’s not stopping. She has a job to do.

Fierce warrior.

Love this show. Really in-depth examination of crimes against women from the perspective of someone who is not afraid to call out everything.

Laura is The Best. Expert at the top of the game.

My favorite thing Laura has ever said was that crime analyzing has a lot to do with what isn’t there. What isn’t said. What isn’t seen. This is the crème de la creme of true crime podcast.

Learned so much about spotting warning signs

I’ve been following Laura for almost 2 years now from real crime profile. Her assessments of situations and personal dynamics are always comprehensive, spot on and digestible. I’ve learned so much about coercive control, psychopaths and spotting warning signs of domestic abuse. As Laura says “always trust your instincts!”

Passionate Advocacy and Expert Analysis

I came across Laura Richards unexpectedly after listening to an interview she did as part of some bonus content to an audiobook to which I’d been listening. Her interview was quite timely as I’d just taken an assignment as a Victim Advocate and I started searching out the research on the DASH. When I found out she had a podcast, I immediately started listening. I wasn’t sure at first, because it was a bit rough in the beginning (presentation wise, not content). But to be fair, I can’t think of a single podcast that starts off immediately without some glitches. Laura is at her best when she’s interviewing or speaking freely. Her passion for the topics are immediately evident. Her level of knowledge and professionalism is extensive. This isn’t a show designed for entertainment, but education, which is why it’s one of my absolute favorites.

Gabby Petito Case

The most comprehensive breakdown of corrosive control prevalent and evident in the police body cam footage. I am very thankful for the amazing piece of work done in this series about Gabby. I would LOVE to see Laura as the expert witness in the Petito case against the Moab police department allowing the jury to eat at the table of her labors on this case… her experience in the field as one who has served. They get it backwards. It’s critical people begin to understand the how and why they so often get it wrong despite believing they are right and are doing a good thing. Officer Pratt reveals he knew he got it wrong, yet he desires for the public the citizens to believe him a good man. I don’t. He is a controlling man controlling he narrative and the scene in partiality and favor for the aggressor. Such a shame he has been promoted, he is not worthy to serve the people due to his own “man issues” rendering him incapable of making right judgement and action. This case was and remains maddening and yes, if you do not get angry at what was done to Gabby then check your humanity card something is missing. Dreadfully missing.

Why are the episodes backwards

Why do I have to scroll down 100 episodes to get the latest episode?

Thank You!

I am floored to learn about the Colonial Parkway murders (I know Laura doesn’t like this phrase but I wasn’t sure what else to call it) and Route 29 stalker. I live in Virginia and have frequented many of the locations Laura discusses, travelled 29 almost every weekend as a university student and I had no idea that many of these crimes occurred. The work that Laura is doing to educate the world is just unparalleled. Thank you!!!


Great podcast. Laura takes you through thoughtful, victim-centric deep dives into specific cases, all while shining a light on systemic biases that shape how these and other cases are investigated and talked about in the media. I love her expert insights on predatory stalking, coercive control, domestic violence and other gender-based violence. She also has terrific guests. Her segment on Stockholm Syndrome with the brilliant Jess Hill absolutely blew my mind – I’ve been sending it to everyone.


Thoughtful, informative, and educational, The Crime Analyst is a fantastic podcast run by one of the top experts in coercive control

Come for the true crime, stay for the education about coercive control

I’m grateful that I’ve never ended up as a subject on this podcast. I was coercively controlled by a man in my early 20s, and I’m thankful I had the means and support to leave him. Laura Richard’s research and insight about abusive men and the women they hurt is extremely valuable, and if this podcast existed back then I would have left him earlier. Thank you for giving me insight into that previous relationship, Laura! I greatly admire the work you’ve done in both the media and legislation.

This is so much more than a true crime podcast. Laura Richards puts the victims first and shows the warning signs and extent of male violence against women and how law enforcement and society needs to do better.

Content great; presentation needs work

I have now listened to 22 episodes of the Peter Sutcliffe series and have greatly appreciated the emphasis on the victims, both for the purpose of understanding the crimes and criticising the investigation, and also out of simple compassion for the victims and their families. The investigation was so riddled by misogyny and so much in the power of those at the top of the police hierarchy that it is no surprise that later reviews of it were buried. LR has done a wonderful job of disintering it and dismembering it. I do find her presentation irritating at times, though. She blows her own trumpet too much and reminds us too often that she was an outstanding detective, she mispronounces words (including the word ‘pronunciation’), uses ‘literally’ to mean “thoroughly, maximally, deeply”, etc., misuses ‘in vitro’ and ‘in vivo’, mistranslates ‘habeas corpus’, and never uses one word when three will do. The worst thing is the way the ads for sponsors appear without any warning and usually in the middle of a complex bit of narrative and often when the topic is disturbing, the result being that they are hopelessly jarring.

Laura is my Shero

Laura is a real champion for women everywhere. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to learn through her expertise and insightful analysis of victimology and perpetrators of male violence. Her commitment to changing the world for the better is inspiring and has pushed me to educate myself further on coercion, coercive control and acts of male violence. There have even been times where I’ve used some of the organizations she references at the end for people I know in dangerous situations, since it’s also clear that everyday law enforcement is not adequately trained to deal with this type of behavior. It’s unfortunately much more common then we realize and the danger can escalate very quickly. She’s such an advocate for change and her existence gives me hope that in my lifetime we’ll see much more accountability then we have ever seen historically. Thanks for being a champion Laura!!

Thank you!

I am so grateful for Laura for her work advocating for women and victims. I have walked many miles listening to Crime Analyst and learned so much.