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I grew up in 80s Yorkshire and people were still talking about you know who in the same breath as the Moors murders. Great show.

Laura Richards Is My Hero

I listen to a lot of true crime podcasts but no one is able to offer a perspective like Laura Richards. She is refreshingly blunt and professional. Laura does not just read you cases and information, she teaches you why. She is the realest of the real, she is a well of information and advocation and she is changing the world as we know it. Laura Richards is a real life hero. 100/100 listen to this podcast.

Laura Richards is a ROCK STAR

So excited for this pod cast. Ms Richards is a tireless victims’ advocate and excellent storyteller. Looking forward to more episodes!

Amazing advocate for crime victims

I absolutely love Laura-she goes into detail like no one else and helps you understand the “why” behind these horrific crimes. She’s an amazing advocate for the victims, their families, and women. If anything ever happens to me I’ve told my husband to hire you to investigate! Keep up the amazing work!

Yay Laura !!

Brilliant Teacher, love listening to Laura I have learned so much from you Laura about Cohersive Control and have helped many of my patients.

Laura Richards, advocate for truth changes us all for the better

Laura’s hands on experience and insight have taught me SO much about truth and justice in relationships. Her clarity and vision haven’t just changed the laws to better protect women. She also teaches each and every one of us how to better spot manipulation, coercion, and danger. I love learning from her and gaining the insights she’s worked so hard to earn. We’re lucky to have this podcast!


Laura is an amazing activist and smart!! I love hearing her truth bomb from her expert lens. I feel like as a survivor, she actually had my back! Love your work!! Thank you for all you do for abuse victims Laura!


Laura Richards has one of the most fascinating minds in true crime.

Important & Necessary Podcast

Laura Richards is my shero. Her work with domestic violence and stalking victims is so important. This podcast is going to help so many people understand coercive control and prevent murders in slow motion. Thank you Laura!

Smart; amazing teacher to all.

Laura is such an important person for any true crime lover to have in their ear! She’s taught me so much about how to look at situations and circumstances that I previously either didn’t understand fully or didn’t realize that the “typical” outlook shouldn’t be “typical”. She’s an inspiration, a woman to be admired. I can’t wait to hear her new podcast