Update: New photo reveals blood on Gabby Petito’s face just before the police stop

Attorneys for Gabby Petito's family have released a previously unseen photo of blood on her face taken during a Utah domestic violence stop and weeks before Brian Laundrie killed Gabby.

"The photo demonstrates the cut previously noted on her left cheek as well as blood smeared from her forehead, across her left eye and cheek and over her nose, indicating that she was grabbed over her face in such a way that her airways were likely obstructed," the Petito-Schmidt attorneys' statement, posted to the Parker & McConkie website, says.

"Moab Police failed to recognize the violent grabbing of Gabby’s face and obstruction of her nose, mouth, and airways as a critical precursor to her eventual death by strangulation that occurred a short time later. Moab Police failed to listen to Gabby, failed to investigate her injuries and the seriousness of her assault, and failed to follow their own training, policies, and Utah law."

I agree. Officer Pratt was hyper focused on Brian being the victim. He ignored what Gabby told him about Brian putting his hands over her mouth and nose.

Gabby was the victim. The witnesses reported that to. Brian manipulated the officers.

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