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Victim centered! Thank you!!!

So refreshing to hear a Crime podcast that centers on the victims and does not glorify the perpetrator!


I love you on RCP, but I especially love you here. Your passion and eloquent words have opened my eyes to how desperately things need to change. Thank you for speaking up for those who have no voice. Because of you, I will forever be cognizant of how I speak of victims and those how victimize. Keep up the hard work, it’s truly making a difference.

Crime Analyst

Laura Richards handling of this devastating and brutal subject matter is flawless in its professionalism. Her empathy and compassion for the victims , survivors and the families of those affected is evident in every episode. Laura Richards is an expert guide on this deep dive into a disturbing case that merits from her expert analysis.

Amazingly insightful!

I can’t give enough praise.

Changed my words and attitude

Thank you Laura for opening my mind to the words we use when we describe crimes and their victims.

Fighting for women

I’m so happy you are fighting for women’s right to live their lives without violence and fear. More people should listen to you and your podcast as there is so much to learn. There is so much I’ve learned from you and I thought I knew so much !! Keep up the good fight and I will fight along side you !


Amplifying voices and remember the victim is so important in true crime. So many times the victims are glossed over. Called only the victim. But Laura always makes sure #wesaytheirnames showing respect and honoring them. I’m inspired. I am changed. Just over 2 episodes. So good.


Men think differently but I don’t think they should get an out for their behavior. If they see prostitutes and they aren’t checked for sexually transmitted diseases he could bring that home to his wife or partner. please when you finish this killer can you talk about what his behavior and personality was like so women can see the day to day behavior and what they could be doing at night. So they can get away faster.

Love Laura!

I have been listening to Laura for years since the beginning of her other podcast. I love her insight and expertise and I always appreciate her focus on the victim. You can hear her passion for the victims and giving a voice to the voiceless.

Stop everything you are doing and listen immediately.

I am blown away by Laura Richards and her podcast Crime Analyst. Her investigative skills are extraordinary, but what I enjoy even more is her ability to communicate her findings and reasoning with such clarity and conviction. She is also changing the narrative of this case where a serial killer has been glorified for over forty years. An arduous task – but a more than necessary one that not only acknowledges the victims, but also provides them with a voice and the acknowledgement they and their families deserve. Join her on this journey that is rewriting history – you will not regret it.

Exceptional Crime Podcast

From: @spinwithvin1 This podcast is an exceptional work. Episode #3 where Laura interviews Richard McCann is remarkable. After listening to the latest episode, I can’t wait for the next episode. It’s mesmerizing. The subject matter is horrendous, but the passion and enthusiasm for her work shines through every delivered sentence. I cannot say enough about how fantastic this podcast is. Keep up the great work. I’m a fan 👍

Inside the Mind of a Crime Analyst

Listening to this podcast is like being inside Laura’s mind as she connects the dots and works for victims, and it’s fascinating.

This podcast is so fascinating. Laura talks in depth about a case that I thought had been fully disclosed to the public but there is so much more to learn. Laura is really respectful when she speaks of the victims - she clearly puts the feelings of the families at the forefront. She uses historic tapes from the news etc. which add to the context. The best pscyhologically based crime podcast I have heard.

These podcasts are amazing, the knowledge of the case and in general about male violence is incredible. Laura is clearly very passionate about making a change and finding the truth which comes across in the level of detail she goes into. If you love real crime, you will love this and Laura is great and east to listen to.


Laura pulls no punches and this podcast is like listening in on a master class on serial murder and investigation. Entertainment is not the goal here - listeners will be absolutely engrossed and moved.

Amazing and informative

This podcast is like sitting in on a crime analyst class. Instead of just grisly crime details, and sensationalized murder, Laura puts everything in context, and encourages you to use your own logic skills to deconstruct events and learn how to see a perpetrator using the aftermath of his crimes. The victims stories become the tools to catch their attacker, which in turn elevates them into becoming the most important part of the story, not a just a passing footnote. Thank you, Laura! Amazing work!!!

Like an analyst seminar

I love Laura Richards’ format for this podcast. It feels like being lucky enough to attend one of her seminars. Appreciate her caring and expertise.

A Plus

I have never written a podcast review, but have been been listening to Dr. Richards for years on Real Crime Profile (which is dear to me). There is nuance, sensitivity, and truth here. Be prepared to use your heart and with good reason as she gives us an opportunity to be our best selves and advocate for victims. Thankful for your work DLR ( got to start an acronym for you😂). I’m spreading the good word/k!

Listen and learn - Laura pulls NO PUNCHES

The most eloquent advocate for all victims. She won’t even NAME perpetrators. Keeps her focus on crimes against women and the terrible price we all pay when criminals become stars. Hurrah for Laura’s passionate crusade for justice!

F’ing Brilliant

Laura is.. I cannot think of enough or the correct positive adjectives to describe her. She is empowering

Finally a crime podcast from a humanitarian

Laura Richards’ credo is that the victims must be elevated and not the perpetrators. And she delivers! Instead of the usual sensational murder porn offering, Ms. Richards deep dive into crime is 3-dimensional. She highlights the impact of crime upon a broader scope of victims, friends, family and community. A MUST HEAR!

Laura Richards is a BAMF

I’ve adored Laura Richards for a long time. Unapologetic defender of women. I’ll listen to anything she says.

Highly qualified host with subjects that are absolutely heartbreaking

Laura Richards has long been a voice of reason, sanity and fierce intelligence backed up with TRUTH I truly hope that judges and defense attorneys that work with proven killers and abusers will listen to these episodes, learn as much as they can- and find their soul to change the insane laws that are still allowed- and the people that allow these abusers and killers to continue to STOP supporting them. Violence on this earth - mostly perpetrated by the male of our beleaguered species is allowed to happen - then forgiven and forgotten far far too often. And it must be stopped- it makes our world a very dark and frightening place Laura Richards is a shining light in that very dark and frightening place Thank you Laura!


Very happy, and can’t wait to hear next time Thank you!

This is a brilliant podcast. Laura Richards uses her years of experience and amazing empathy to share the stories of the mostly forgotten and silent victims - the family and loved ones left behind after these horrifying crimes. I have always wondered about these people and how they get on with their lives and Laura is allowing them and their memories a voice. I have never been interested in the monsters that commit the atrocities so as heartbreaking as it is we now have a focus for those effected.

Love anything by Lara Richards

Serious, academic and informative. She takes great care to honor victims.


Laura Richards is a must have at the top of your True Crime podcast list. She knows and shares so much information about domestic violence and is such an advocate for victims you really want her in your ear when listening or watching true crime.

Wow. Laura always does amazing shows.

I knew this podcast would be great, but I wasn’t expecting it to be as emotional as it is. Wow. Laura is truly amazing in her work. Episode 2 with Richard was great. Listening to him speak of his mother and sister was heartbreaking, to say the least, but beautiful, as well. What an inspiration he is to all survivors of such violent crimes.

Love Laura Richards

I could listen to this all day long. I’m so glad there’s someone out there to give victims a voice.