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These podcasts are amazing, the knowledge of the case and in general about male violence is incredible. Laura is clearly very passionate about making a change and finding the truth which comes across in the level of detail she goes into. If you love real crime, you will love this and Laura is great and east to listen to.


Laura pulls no punches and this podcast is like listening in on a master class on serial murder and investigation. Entertainment is not the goal here - listeners will be absolutely engrossed and moved.

Amazing and informative

This podcast is like sitting in on a crime analyst class. Instead of just grisly crime details, and sensationalized murder, Laura puts everything in context, and encourages you to use your own logic skills to deconstruct events and learn how to see a perpetrator using the aftermath of his crimes. The victims stories become the tools to catch their attacker, which in turn elevates them into becoming the most important part of the story, not a just a passing footnote. Thank you, Laura! Amazing work!!!

Like an analyst seminar

I love Laura Richards’ format for this podcast. It feels like being lucky enough to attend one of her seminars. Appreciate her caring and expertise.

A Plus

I have never written a podcast review, but have been been listening to Dr. Richards for years on Real Crime Profile (which is dear to me). There is nuance, sensitivity, and truth here. Be prepared to use your heart and with good reason as she gives us an opportunity to be our best selves and advocate for victims. Thankful for your work DLR ( got to start an acronym for you😂). I’m spreading the good word/k!

Listen and learn - Laura pulls NO PUNCHES

The most eloquent advocate for all victims. She won’t even NAME perpetrators. Keeps her focus on crimes against women and the terrible price we all pay when criminals become stars. Hurrah for Laura’s passionate crusade for justice!

F’ing Brilliant

Laura is.. I cannot think of enough or the correct positive adjectives to describe her. She is empowering

Finally a crime podcast from a humanitarian

Laura Richards’ credo is that the victims must be elevated and not the perpetrators. And she delivers! Instead of the usual sensational murder porn offering, Ms. Richards deep dive into crime is 3-dimensional. She highlights the impact of crime upon a broader scope of victims, friends, family and community. A MUST HEAR!

Laura Richards is a BAMF

I’ve adored Laura Richards for a long time. Unapologetic defender of women. I’ll listen to anything she says.

Highly qualified host with subjects that are absolutely heartbreaking

Laura Richards has long been a voice of reason, sanity and fierce intelligence backed up with TRUTH I truly hope that judges and defense attorneys that work with proven killers and abusers will listen to these episodes, learn as much as they can- and find their soul to change the insane laws that are still allowed- and the people that allow these abusers and killers to continue to STOP supporting them. Violence on this earth - mostly perpetrated by the male of our beleaguered species is allowed to happen - then forgiven and forgotten far far too often. And it must be stopped- it makes our world a very dark and frightening place Laura Richards is a shining light in that very dark and frightening place Thank you Laura!


Very happy, and can’t wait to hear next time Thank you!

This is a brilliant podcast. Laura Richards uses her years of experience and amazing empathy to share the stories of the mostly forgotten and silent victims - the family and loved ones left behind after these horrifying crimes. I have always wondered about these people and how they get on with their lives and Laura is allowing them and their memories a voice. I have never been interested in the monsters that commit the atrocities so as heartbreaking as it is we now have a focus for those effected.

Love anything by Lara Richards

Serious, academic and informative. She takes great care to honor victims.


Laura Richards is a must have at the top of your True Crime podcast list. She knows and shares so much information about domestic violence and is such an advocate for victims you really want her in your ear when listening or watching true crime.

Wow. Laura always does amazing shows.

I knew this podcast would be great, but I wasn’t expecting it to be as emotional as it is. Wow. Laura is truly amazing in her work. Episode 2 with Richard was great. Listening to him speak of his mother and sister was heartbreaking, to say the least, but beautiful, as well. What an inspiration he is to all survivors of such violent crimes.

Love Laura Richards

I could listen to this all day long. I’m so glad there’s someone out there to give victims a voice.

Like taking a master class in crime analysis

Imagine taking an engaging course from the best professor to learn how crime analysts see criminal behavior? Laura Richards was already one of my sheroes, but now I feel like she also here to teach us how to look at criminal behavior and call out the biases in investigation that allow perpetrators to flourish. Love this pod.

Intelligent Analysis

I’ve loved listening to Laura on RCP and was thrilled to hear she was starting her own show. Her focus on victims instead of lionizing perpetrators is refreshing and sorely needed in the true crime case. I do have one request - please stop referring to sex workers as “prostitutes.” The former gives the sex worker agency, while the later carries connotations of criminality and misogyny. Thanks!

A strong woman defending women

We need more women in the world like Laura Richards. She’s intelligent, empathetic, & willing to be a voice for victims.

Passion & Expertise Abound

I’ve always been impressed by Laura Richards. This podcast is so moving, thoughtful, and intentional. It’s a gift to listeners. It’s also a gift to those of us who want to see more dignity and compassion for victims of violent crimes. The advocacy work done through this storytelling is unparalleled.

Must Listen

Excellent podcast for those who have a deep interest in human behaviors as it relates to crime. I’m very impressed with the empathy towards the victims and how their lives are brought to light in the case. I appreciate someone courageous enough to speak out against the media and their lack of respect for human life.

A win for victims.

It’s nice to finally give the victims and their family a voice after decades of victim blaming/shaming. Laura’s passion is evident as is her compassion. She truly gives families a voice and it’s wonderful.

Must Listen podcast

I’ve been following Laura Richards on True Crime Profile. This podcast is just as powerful, incisive and important. This family was so retraumatized by the media and police portrayal of their mom. It’s heart breaking. Please listen to this podcast and share. The right words are crucial and life defining.


Laura Richards is amazing. Not only does she focus on victims, her expertise is second to none. She’s so passionate about issues like coercive control and stalking. Her understanding of criminal behavior really helps get at the heart of these issues. This pod is excellent, as expected! Highly recommend!

What a unique and amazing tale about the strength of families during the worst moments in their lives. I appreciate the more human approach to the stories being told. you get just as much information but in a smart and respectful way. Hearing about it from all of these different angles somehow makes it more real and not just another murder talkshow on a podcast show. It's horrifying and intriguing at the same time

So good

Love hearing “language matters” and why in a murder case. The point is underscored and episode #2 highlights this. Well done.

Patience in interview style

Laura has a clear goal of putting victims of crime at the center of the story. She had a unique patience in her own silence that allows the victims story to come forward. We hear things others would miss because she lets the victims agenda lead. It’s very refreshing.

Poignant and insightful.

Laura Richards has done a sensitive job of listening to the children who were also victims of this ruthless and violent murderer.

Focusing on Victims

Laura Richards is a true shero! She does such a good job at describing the actions of perpetrators through the victims, barely talking about the perpetrator themselves while highlighting victims lives’ and the tragedy of their deaths. I’m excited to listen more to this podcast, since we’ll hear from victims directly. It’s so important to remember the loved ones that have left us instead of the terrible tragedy that happened to them.