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Smart and fearless

Laura should be our goals! She is intelligent and fighting for the well being of other women. We should be grateful for people like her spreading knowledge on this type of crime.

Great Podcast

Laura is a wealth of knowledge and I truly love hearing her insight and perspective! I learn something from every episode. She fights the good fight!!!! Thank you Laura!


This interview had me in tears at times. I was living in the UK during the time that PS was killing women. I was too young and ignorant at the time to really make sense of the effect on women. Today when the two of you talked about rape not killing you, and the effect of sexual abuse, you confirmed my own feelings. I was sexually abused in my home, and some people expect me to wallow in the pain forever. I refuse to do that, but I am all to aware of how different my life would be now if it hadn’t happened. I’ve made so many life decisions based on the abuse (often without knowing why) and now I’m VERY aware of how different my life would be if the abuse hadn’t shaped my life.

A true hero of women everywhere

Laura is an advocate that is needed today. Looking back at cases to see how things could have been handled differently in order to protect more people today is necessary. Thank you for all your hard work and speaking out for us all.


This is my new favorite podcast! Thank you Laura for all that you do!

Laura's work has saved my mom's life.

I have listened to every episode of Crime Analyst as it comes out and almost every episode of Laura's other show, Real Crime Profile. The insights that she has provided over the years have taught me SO much about the warning signs of Domestic Violence. I've followed up with reading several books and learning what I can about the topic, not knowing how important it would be in my life. My mom recently ended a 2+ year relationship with an abusive man. In her words, "it wasn't long before he was going to get physically violent with me. I could see it coming." She told me how he threated to kill her and bury her in a mineshaft. I know this guy was totally serious. Part of what helped her make the decision to leave was information that I learned from Laura. I was able to teach her and my family members what the warning signs were and help her to safely leave. This information coupled with the book "Why Does He Do That" by Lundy Babcroft opened her eyes to exactly what was going on. Laura, thank you for being such a staunch advocate for women and for providing so much teaching on what domestic abuse truly looks like. I honestly and fully believe that your dedication to teaching others about gendered violence played a large role in saving my mom's life. Thank you for being so passionate and dedicated to your work. You are an amazing woman! ♥️

Such a great gem we get to hear from!

The women of Earth are safer and better off because of Laura and the enormous amount she has done in her career as a behavioral analyst, specifically in the areas of domestic abuse, serial rape, murder of women and the common correlation between the three.

The best

Best true crime podcast in the world. No sensationalism, all facts, all criminology and all in the name of saving women and children.

Cream of the crop

This podcast goes way beyond the telling of a story. It makes victims and their families human. It speaks to effects of acute and chronic trauma. It’s a window into the thinking processes of law enforcement and behavioral analysts. I’d say there is no other podcast that gets this deep. It an education on so many levels. Thank you Laura for making this!!

True crime with a greater purpose

In this new solo podcast, Laura Richards is truly in her element - taking a deep dive into a vexing case that has haunted her since the beginning of her career. It’s amazing to be a fly on the wall of Lauras intelligence cell, and follow along as she peels back layer after layer in her re-investigation of this horrendous case. Laura leads us through every detail, leaving no rock unturned, in her quest to understand the many failures of the original investigation. As always, the victims are front and center and Laura brings a rare compassion, intelligence and a critical lens - to finding the actual truth and connect all the dots - every episode is a treat. So good.

Amazing podcast

Fantastic podcast ! Laura Richards is brilliant so many people failed these women it’s nice to hear Laura calling them out!

Really well done

Laura Richards is a shero and this podcast is really great. She is an expert in the field and a fierce advocate for victims which is rare in the crime podcast world. We’re lucky she is taking the time to share her insight and be a voice for the victims of crime.

Excellent Podcast

Laura Richards brings a wealth of knowledge and true empathy to her analysis of criminal behavior as well as assessing police response. She puts the victims front and center and shines a light on coercive control. Absolutely fascinating and so needed

Thank you for always putting victims first!!

Instead of sensationalizing the crimes and glorifying the perpetrator, in Crime Analyst, Laura Richards puts the victims at the center of their own stories. And she calls out the misogyny and male entitlement at the heart of violence against women. This podcast is a must-listen. Thank you, Laura, for your authenticity, compassion, and for reminding us real crime enthusiasts that these are real people, suffering real tragedy.


Laura Richards is a force. She’s a passionate no-nonsense victim centered advocate with so much experience and knowledge. Already loved her on her other podcast, RCP, but crime analyst is my new fav. Have binged all the episodes one after another. Keep them coming!!

Brilliant work

Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

Deep dive into crime

The hostess takes a novel approach to discussing crime- focus on the victims, both direct & indirect, living and dead. This approach provides a more thorough view of motive, compulsion, and psychology of crimes. Also delivers a more compassionate story when the victim and their families are given more attention.

Victim centered! Thank you!!!

So refreshing to hear a Crime podcast that centers on the victims and does not glorify the perpetrator!


I love you on RCP, but I especially love you here. Your passion and eloquent words have opened my eyes to how desperately things need to change. Thank you for speaking up for those who have no voice. Because of you, I will forever be cognizant of how I speak of victims and those how victimize. Keep up the hard work, it’s truly making a difference.

Crime Analyst

Laura Richards handling of this devastating and brutal subject matter is flawless in its professionalism. Her empathy and compassion for the victims , survivors and the families of those affected is evident in every episode. Laura Richards is an expert guide on this deep dive into a disturbing case that merits from her expert analysis.

Amazingly insightful!

I can’t give enough praise.

Changed my words and attitude

Thank you Laura for opening my mind to the words we use when we describe crimes and their victims.

Fighting for women

I’m so happy you are fighting for women’s right to live their lives without violence and fear. More people should listen to you and your podcast as there is so much to learn. There is so much I’ve learned from you and I thought I knew so much !! Keep up the good fight and I will fight along side you !


Amplifying voices and remember the victim is so important in true crime. So many times the victims are glossed over. Called only the victim. But Laura always makes sure #wesaytheirnames showing respect and honoring them. I’m inspired. I am changed. Just over 2 episodes. So good.


Men think differently but I don’t think they should get an out for their behavior. If they see prostitutes and they aren’t checked for sexually transmitted diseases he could bring that home to his wife or partner. please when you finish this killer can you talk about what his behavior and personality was like so women can see the day to day behavior and what they could be doing at night. So they can get away faster.

Love Laura!

I have been listening to Laura for years since the beginning of her other podcast. I love her insight and expertise and I always appreciate her focus on the victim. You can hear her passion for the victims and giving a voice to the voiceless.

Stop everything you are doing and listen immediately.

I am blown away by Laura Richards and her podcast Crime Analyst. Her investigative skills are extraordinary, but what I enjoy even more is her ability to communicate her findings and reasoning with such clarity and conviction. She is also changing the narrative of this case where a serial killer has been glorified for over forty years. An arduous task – but a more than necessary one that not only acknowledges the victims, but also provides them with a voice and the acknowledgement they and their families deserve. Join her on this journey that is rewriting history – you will not regret it.

Exceptional Crime Podcast

From: @spinwithvin1 This podcast is an exceptional work. Episode #3 where Laura interviews Richard McCann is remarkable. After listening to the latest episode, I can’t wait for the next episode. It’s mesmerizing. The subject matter is horrendous, but the passion and enthusiasm for her work shines through every delivered sentence. I cannot say enough about how fantastic this podcast is. Keep up the great work. I’m a fan 👍

Inside the Mind of a Crime Analyst

Listening to this podcast is like being inside Laura’s mind as she connects the dots and works for victims, and it’s fascinating.

This podcast is so fascinating. Laura talks in depth about a case that I thought had been fully disclosed to the public but there is so much more to learn. Laura is really respectful when she speaks of the victims - she clearly puts the feelings of the families at the forefront. She uses historic tapes from the news etc. which add to the context. The best pscyhologically based crime podcast I have heard.