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I like the podcast and I’ve heard and seen Laura on tv and other podcasts and I really like how she has made the victims the most important part of the story and how she looks at the case with an instructive eye. I did find it a bit hard to follow, I kinda felt like I was just dropped in the middle. I needed a bit more background and more of a timeline presented.

The more things change

Based on what is happening in the UK right now. The police don’t seem to have changed there attitudes about women

Crime analyst

I love this new podcast by Laura. I’ve heard her before on other podcast as guest speaker. Really like that you pay attention to victims and name them and try to speak very little if the perpetrator. Thanks for all your hard work. I like that you speak about victim blaming and then problems associated with that.

Among the very best!

There are no other podcasts like Crime Analyst. This isn’t a true crime podcast. It’s a victim-centered analysis of criminal behavior through the lens of an experienced woman who doesn’t hold back on calling out misogyny and the roots of male violence. The case may be decades old but the same problems are still here. Listening to Laura helps me to dissect them as well as think about what can be done to change things.

I love this podcast!

Laura offers great insights and I love how she gives power back to the victims and takes it away from the perpetrator.

This podcast is a great and engaging listen and a challenging look at the world of real crime , in Laura we have an eloquent champion for the victim for justice and an advocate for change and legislation. The glorification of criminals and the way their "monikers" are spread over streaming services and media is rightly challenged the emphasis on the victims and their names restored, Highly endorsed


a crime podcast focusing on the VICTIMS...well done...

Great Listen

This podcast is informative and thought provoking - one of the best podcasts I’ve heard. Laura brings a valued twist to the tale by focusing on the victims rather than glorifying the perpetrator.

Crime analyst

I love this new podcast by Laura. I’ve heard her before on other podcast as guest speaker. Really like that you pay attention to victims and name them and try to speak very little if the perpetrator. Thanks for all your hard work.

I am really enjoying this podcast by Laura Richards and team. Laura is so insightful and uses her expérience and knowledge to explain concepts so clearly. For example how inherent sexism and misogyny contributes to failings in solving cases, which often enables perpetrators and centering the victim, rather than the perpetrator, in the investigation. I have been following her work for some time and always look forward to hearing more from her! Really valuable and essential work in the fight to rid the world of male violence against women.

A True Crime podcast that gets it right

Laura Richards is a breath of fresh air in that she doesn’t treat crime as entertainment. Richards sees violence, especially violence against women and girls, as the horror it really is. She centers victims in their own stories, as well as their family and friends. Richards also traces the ongoing lifelong effects that ripple outward and even through generations of the grievous harm done by murder and violence.

Great Analysis of the Strengths and Weaknesses in Criminal Investigation

Laura Richards consistently focuses on the victims, not on elevating the criminal. This is not only a refreshing change from many true crime podcasts, it is the ethical way to stave off some level of copycat behavior in pathological and narcissistic people listening to media. This first series of the Crime Analyst podcast takes a deep dive into the stumbles and successes of the police and the prosecution as the women of Yorkshire in the 1970’s and 1980’s paid the price in blood. The survivors and their surviving families also speak, some even in present day interviews. This is a podcast well worth your listen, and I can’t wait for series two.

A win for victims.

It’s nice to finally give the victims and their family a voice after decades of victim blaming/shaming. Laura’s passion is evident as is her compassion. She truly makes the victims the focus and it’s wonderful.

So informative, not sensationalistic!

I love Laura and I love her take, the female lens looking back at this horrible crime spree. I have learned so much and I have communicated many of your takeaways with my 16-year-old daughter as well. Keep them coming Laura -quite interested in what you’re putting out. Thank you!

Expert Crime Analysis Through A Female Lens

Laura is an expert in her field. She shines a spotlight on victims and their families, by centering them in their own stories, is refreshing. It is well past time to have crimes viewed through a female lens, reviewing and reframing the narrative. So often, women are at the receiving end of male violence and yet our input is neglected and our voices unheard. I value that the names of perpetrators are reduced to initials and monikers given them by the media are redacted altogether. No need to sensationalize these criminals.

Laura Richard's is an inspiration. Trail blazer for women's rights . Absolute hero, I am hooked on her podcasts. I love her no nonsense assertive communicative style. She knows her stuff

Laura alone is great!

After years of TCP I found it often got too much off on chit chat and less of crime analysis. I have great hope that Laura alone will be focused and on point. The first episode is great. Thank you!

There is no better microcosm to view misogyny through than this woeful police enquiry from Yorkshire and it is laid bare brilliantly and devastatingly here! All men should listen to see just what carnage crappy and lazy attitudes and assumptions about women can cause....

You will rarely find anyone with more expertise than Laura. In the area of homicide, victimology and violent sexual crime I believe she is out on her own.

Great podcast. Laura is so caring and is determined not to allow us to forget the victims. She is amazing! Keep it up Laura 💫

Laura's professional skills and experience alongside empathy for the victims and their families shines through. Educational, enlightening and moving. It will open your eyes not only to past injustice, but also current, and she is working hard to change that too.

Truly fascinating and engaging podcasts that cleverly unpick society's attitudes to victim blaming and the incredible police failings in the capture and arrest of PS. Highly recommended listening, in particular to Laura's interview with Julie Bindel, which exposes the 'macho culture', police cognitive bias, society's attitudes to violence against women/girls and prostitution.

This!! We need more of this!!

Thank you, Laura! Your passion and insistence that the status quo is not acceptable, is not kind to victims and is NOT the solution! Thank you for helping to define our mission!

Delving deep with the experts. What more could you want! Laura is a true hero for victims and in particular female victims of male violence.

Laura is voice for the victims!

I’ve been a long time listener of Laura and I’m so grateful for her dedication to give a voice to the victims and fighting misogyny in this world. Laura is the voice we need.

Fierce advocate for victims

I’m a huge fan of Laura Richards, having first heard her on RCP. Her intelligence, passion for her work, unflinching honesty and, above all, empathy and advocacy for victims, especially women and girls, separates this podcast from all the rest. We get fascinating insight into criminal behavior from her many years of experience. I also think having the perspective of a woman in a field that is still largely male-dominated really does bring a different focus to certain areas of investigating and solving these hideous acts of violence against women. I don’t know how she finds the time, but we are all grateful for her hard work and dedication.

Thank you, Laura

So many important issues that are very much contemporary societal problems are discussed by Laura and her guests. She is truly an advocate for women who are so often blamed and shamed for the acts of violence men perpetrate against them. Let’s keep talking about how this happens and how we can change it. Your work is helping to save women’s lives, and to validate the experiences of survivors. <3

I'm not eloquent enough to put into words how phenomenal this podcast and Laura are. The work and change she is making by educating cannot be measured. Amazing podcast. AMAZING woman. If anyone gives anything less than 5 star they're a small minded idiot.

Amazing advocate for the vulnerable

Laura’s perspective speaks to what is needed to protect the most vulnerable, hard to reach individuals that need it the most. The lack of training and understanding in police lead to inaccurate criminal profiles and victimology. Laura’s life work is to change that, and I feel fortunate Laura shares her knowledge on this and other podcasts.

A MUST listen for BOTH men and women.

I’d have preferred to give this podcast 100 stars. It is not story time to tell the tale of this criminal. It is meant to drive home the point that male violence and women’s conditioning to fear men is real and has literally harmed ALL of us either directly or indirectly. I encourage all to listen with an open mind and the understanding that this isn’t an attack by man-haters. Men, I value you and I believe in you. I respectfully ask you to listen and gain a wider perspective to this reality. This podcast is an amazing start.