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The best!

Thank you, Laura, for sharing you knowledge and giving a voice to the victims. This is such a helpful and powerful resource and I appreciate all the hard work you put into it!

Crime Analyst

Laura is always on point and tells the story that connects the listener to the victim. So much insight and analysis goes into the production of this podcast! She is devoted to her work!


Thank you not only for what you do but sharing your life and what your vocation means. We all have family and friends both female and male and you never know when or who they will come in contact with.

An Eloquent Voice for Victim Advocacy

Laura Richards is a powerful and inspiring advocate for women through her true crime podcast platform. I hope the legislation in the UK can get some “teeth” and that some day the USA will follow suit.

Amazing and Intelligent

Laura, I appreciate how you honor the victims. Your talent and dedication speaks volumes and I’m so glad you are sharing it with the world!

Laura I need to thank you so much, you have saved me. The first time I saw you was years ago on the Jonbennet Ramsey discussion, along with several other expert opinions on what probably happened and who murdered that poor little beautiful girl. However, you really made a massive impression on me with your Madeleine McCann podcasts! I was relieved to actually find out there is a British highly qualified police person who has the guts and determination to stand up and call it! You are the only one that has honestly held your hand up to fight for what’s right & appear to be one that will not in any circumstances fall into corruption. I have so much admiration for Colin Sutton, who spoke out about the Maddie investigation and why he didn’t take the lead for it, due to SY/O.Grange ignoring the ground zero rule! After listening to your podcast with Jim & Lisa you had me totally zoomed in with your outspoken fact, empathy & care with your passion and force to do what’s right & bloody well fight! Thank God, one person “you!” have the gumption to take it out of the park, kick shit to the Kirb and fight! Please do not change and allow the bigwigs to pull you down 🙏 I do worry for your safety, so please keep safe in this corrupt evil world we now live in ❤️ After Maddie, I joined all podcast apps & listen to you, Jim & Lisa so much, when I’m doing housework etc; rather than listen to music. I have to say, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart 💕 I have been in an abusive relationship that took me years to get out of! But I did and had 2 young children and did it! It wasn’t physical abuse it was mental abuse. I am the strongest person you could ever meet and nobody would ever think I could of ever been in that situation, but I was and for 13yrs!! So many people disregard that kind of abuse, because you don’t have bruises or injuries to show for it! I had it all and was the envy of so many that wanted what I had and my life! In reality, none of them would want my life, having a huge, beautiful house, landscape garden, brand new car every 2-3yrs and the wining & dining! Sounds amazing, however behind closed doors was a sad awful different story I could write a book about! I was told I couldn’t leave, look what I’ve got, I left the safety of my parents and never paid a bill in my life, so how would I cope if I left? I was told this over & over and I believed it and to be honest I loved what I had! I also didn’t want to leave because of it all either!! On the outside I had it all (but always remained grounded & played it down & have never been bought into the designer world, but would have several different color jumpers I liked from a general store!) It took me 13yrs and the worry about me 2 children, I left and became a single parent and yes it was a struggle, but it came to a head that I’d rather live in a rabbit hutch with my kids than have what I had and be miserable every day of my life! I actually have a good relationship with my ex and he is the most amazing father ever! I even get on with his wife number 4! I was number 3!! Isn’t that just an alarm bell - hello - DEFCON ONE!! Then I meet the most amazing man ever, again highly qualified, this time a lot younger and I supported him through his last year In Uni and now married he supports me! Best life ever and I know have even more than I had before!! I am again the Queen bee! The envy of all, I have everything and this time soul mate love - to the point for yrs the envy love, people & friends would approach us and tell us they would love to have the relationship we have. I had a baby late in life as he was the only child, his parents are amazing and the most amazing grandparents ever! 14yrs! Together and married 6yrs married with a child, my other 2 are adults, I have the world in my palm, loving life and BANG! CHANGE!! Iv haf 2yrs of the sane abuse as I had the last time, only this time the mental control is slightly different and there’s a physical abuse in the mix! I don’t get hit directly, I get thrown, pushed and prodded hard enough to Mark! Looking back I’m stupid, it’s always been there but little and sonething you can write off with doubt?!? It’s escalated massively in the last 2yrs and probably has from the start? Now it’s so bad I’m again in a low unhappy state and this time it’s different! The pushing, throwing and forehead against mine, through gritted teeth telling me how disgusting I am and look at me with laughter! Who would want you? Howver, I’m strong enough to talk back and push his demons away! I will fight back but he is bigger & stronger I have no chance, so I block the barges and the head to head wars with all I have! This will sound mad but one time when he was trying to head barge me in bed, I was laying on my back and he was raging over me,, I arm blocked his body. I held my arm up and tried to hold it straight and solid! I didn’t realise my hand was clenched in a fist position as I held my arm straight stopping him getting in my face that was turned away from a nasty, gritted teeth and spitting angry at me. He actually got so frustrated cause I’m not the meek and mild person I once was. Out of the blue grabbed my clenched fist and hit himself in the forehead with it! OMG! I was so shocked that he got my arm and jabbed himself in the face with my fist I burst out laughing and said - OMG, WTAF?? He was embarrassed and retreated! So up to date I am in another abusive relationship and considering I need to get out. Again I see it, although it’s different I still keep allowing chances. Only this time the physical is increasing so I know I’m in a spot of bother! All I can say is LAURA RICHARDS and her podcasts I have now followed and listening to her campaign she is so pationate about, I can honestly say I’m now dealing with my shite! Iv had the lowest few depressing months and with the increasing abuse I actually thought I needed to die! It is only my 10yr old daughter that kept me here, cause I nearly took my own life because I thought I was put on this earth to just be abused. I’m fighting my way through it big time! Yes I’m still here and still taking the abuse but I’m ready to go and I’m keeping strong for our daughter! I’m still at the giving chances stage and hoping he will change, yet know he won’t! Laura you are giving me the strength in your podcasts to find my inner strength! He hates you with a vengeance, and calls u out in arguments - Oh cause Laura told you did she? Yes she bloody did abd I know if I asked her for help as high up as she is she will be here and take your ass away! I now Iv ranted on but I sincerely hope i can help others and will gladly come forward and help with your campaign! You are giving me the inner strength to go on and be strong! 💪 Thank you 😊 I can find me I’m sure and I will be happy to promote it’s not just the beating or killing in an abusive relationship, the mental torture can be so bad and physical abuse that isn’t hitting or kicking that is so hard to prove. This is so long I’m not going to re-read or spell check it’ was hard enough putting it here. Thank you Laura you helped me to out this out there 💕

Intelligent Analysis

I’ve loved listening to Laura on RCP and was thrilled to hear she was starting her own show. Her focus on victims instead of lionizing perpetrators is refreshing and sorely needed in the true crime case. I do have one request - please stop referring to sex workers as “prostitutes.” The former gives the sex worker agency, while the latter carries connotations of criminality and misogyny. Thanks!


Laura has provided language to help understand and explain what 28 yrs ago I could not. Much admiration and appreciation for her exhaustive work.

Really In Depth

I love love love this podcast. Laura goes so deep into this investigation, she wrings it out like a sponge. You will have no questions remaining because she asks and answers and researches every question endlessly. Not to mention (I’m an American) and I love the accent. Amazing job!

This is for the listener with more than just a passing interest in true crime. It takes you in depth into the workings of both those who commit crime and the people and agencies who catch them. Do not expect generalisations and surface here. Laura is a true professional who pulls no punches when calling out the organisational bias that has failed victims repeatedly. Equally though she is quick to identify good police work and praise those who are endeavouring to rebalance our culture in favour of the victim. Prepare to be engaged, informed and changed.

Thank you!

Thank you for all you do for women and the issue of domestic violence.

Really In Depth

I love love love this podcast. Laura goes so deep into this investigation, she wrings it out like a sponge. You will have no questions remaining because she asks and answers and researches every question endlessly. Not to mention (I’m an American) and I love the Scottish accent. Amazing job!

This is an incredible podcast analysing crime and perpetrators in an incredibly professional, thorough and insightful way. I have learned so much more from this podcast than from most others, not just about the crime itself but also the social context in which it has taken place. I love the fact that there are many, many episodes going deeply into it, combined with fascinating interviews. The most thorough analysis you will find anywhere, along with action guides and very useful advice. Fantastic.


This true crime podcast is revolutionary. While many sensationalize the murderers, Laura Richards centers the victims. She tells their stories, never failing to honor each person’s humanity. As these are all women, her profound care in ensuring none are dismissed due to class, profession, race, or circumstances often moves me to tears of deep gratitude. As a renowned criminal behavioral analyst, Laura is relentless and thorough in exploring how and why the criminal justice system so egregiously failed these women. Her outrage at the patriarchal systems, misogyny, and sexism inherent in how male violence against women & children is pursued is eye opening. I’m so grateful for Laura Richards and the brilliant, blazing light she’s shining on the gender inequities of “justice”. Her analysis of perpetrators’ patterns, and pursuit of better protections for women and children, will save countless lives.


Excellent, compelling podcast. In-depth information and insight from a law enforcement expert regarding how crimes are investigated. Laura is a great advocate for crime victims and women.

Beyond the crime

This podcast goes beyond the crime- it is a sobering look on our society when it comes to victims of a violent crime. Laura does a deep dive into the victim-ology, the mind of the perpetrator and educates the listener into looking at a perpetrator outside of a media moniker for what they really are... evil. It is podcasts like this that will positively change our society’s response to crime, the victim and the accused. A must listen to podcast.

A forensic deconstruction of a familiar case, presented in a way which is accessible without being over simplified. Laura keeps the victims at the forefront of the story and ensures that they, rather than the perpetrator, are the focus. The failings of the investigation are jaw dropping and the discussions of inherent misogyny and prejudice gave me pause for thought - particularly discussions around the language used to talk about female victims of male violence. I look forward to future seasons of Crime Analyst.

Honoring Victims

I think this is a great podcast, not sensationalizing but analyzing and honoring. Love anything you do Laura.

Listen and Learn

I absolutely love being able to listen to Laura. I have learned so much from her and this podcast and look forward to each episode to hear her insight and analysis.

This is Laura's best podcast to date. After watching the Yorkshire Ripper documentary and being shocked at the major failings by the police I knew I had to listen to this podcast. It didn't disappoint. Laura is spot on with all her conclusions to the case. If he only she was in charge back then. Highly recommended 💯

Incredibly moving and thought-provoking.

Such a thoughtful, meticulous podcast. It has completely changed my perspective on true crime and how we approach violence against women and girls. I never knew how triggering pithy monikers for murderers were - now I notice them everywhere and try not to use them myself. Great work Laura, what you do is so important!

Deep Analysis

Great long form analysis. Much more rewarding than the 1 hour turn around true crime show.

To quote the spice girls GIRL POWER.

This woman can do it like lunch. I love the eye opening jaw dropping point of view. Thank god someone with her genius is helping us take on the patriarchy through the crime lens. Her passion and wit are inspirational.


Love this! I have so much admiration for Laura’s work and passion. So glad she has her own podcast because I could never get enough of what I needed to hear about advocacy and how much further we need to go as a society to protect women from violent predators.


This became my favorite podcast by her second episode. It’s a must listen.


Laura’s heartfelt sensitivity for women who are victims of unspeakable cruelty combined with her keen insight into the analysis of male violence against women make this podcast, like everything she touches, gold. Dawn Wilcox Founder & Executive Director Women Count USA: Femicide Accountability Project

I look forward to the Crime Analyst Podcast every week, listening while I walk. Laura's work has deepened my perspective on the pervasive coercive control that underpins so many crimes against women and the stubborn indifference of the criminal justice system. Keep up your work Laura

Thank you.

I can’t say it any better than the other commenters, so I’m just going to thank you for your informative and thought provoking podcast. You get me riled up every week, and thinking about how we can start getting things to change. I was waiting for your comments on Ms. Everard, and you were exactly right. The part that affected me the most was in the episode where Wilma McCann’s son said that she wasn’t a prostitute, but it didn’t matter if she was, his mother would do what she had to do to take care of her children - nobody said anything about his father’s failure to take care of/provide for his family. I know that’s not the exact quote, but everyone reading this knows what I mean.

Great Podcast

This podcast is very thorough. I appreciate the in-depth details.

Best Podcast

I’ve listened to a lot of true crime, but Laura’s analysis is the best. Thank you Laura for all your advocacy, and for using the words ‘’misogyny’ and ‘femicide’ to name these crimes. How long before society realizes that half the population is targeted for violence because of the their sex.