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Excellent podcast

Laura is bringing critically important issues to the forefront, and inspiring us all to action.

She breaks it down so well!!

I adore her! I listen to her on Real Crime Profile Podcast. i am so excited that she has her own podcast. I have enjoyed the first few episodes. She breaks things down and makes you understand in a different light. So much victim blaming on women. I feel stronger as a woman from just listening to her. As women, we are to worried about others feelings that we put ourselves in unsafe situations. She really points out the double standards in our society and the world around us. Thank you, Laura!

Laura Richards is so inspiring in her relentless quest for justice for women and our rights to live our lives without being harassed, stalked, assaulted, or murdered by men who feel rejected. Thanks Laura for all you do to protect victims and tell our stories.

Laura is a hero.

I first discovered Laura on the Amy Sher episode of The Vanished. That case touched me more than almost anything I’ve ever seen or heard in the “true crime” realm. Its right up there with the wrongful conviction of Adnan Syed in Baltimore in 1999. But when I heard Laura speak in Amy’s episode I discovered my favorite law enforcement agent on the internet. I listen to Real Crime Profile and Crime Analyst because of Laura’s contribution to that episode of The Vanished. I’ve learned so much about coercive control - what Amy’s husband Robert Desmond (ARREST HIM BEFORE I FIND HIM IN CALIFORNIA OR ALABAMA AND TAKE CRIME INTO MY OWN HANDS) did to her was absolutely despicable and it sickens me to my core. I could go on forever about how I admire Laura, but, words really can’t do how I feel about this woman justice. The world is a better place because of her and I support any and everything she does. Thank you, Laura Richards. Thank you for all you do. You are truly an inspiring and amazing person.

Listen to this

I probably should leave reviews more often, but I sometimes forget. I found this podcast through Real Crime Profile (another podcast that I love). I have always felt while listening to RCP that Laura does an amazing as an advocate for women victimized by crime, and is just an advocate overall for women everywhere. While listening to this podcast, “Crime Analyst”, I feel like I have learned SO much, but stuff I feel like should have known! I was disappointed in myself! I have both a son and a daughter (twins) and I always try to stay on top of information for BOTH of them regarding: relationships, consent, violence, etc. Luckily, my kids have no experience with any of this stuff so far. They are 14 though… In the past recent years I have always double checked my facts and sources…but I admit that stuff I learned when I was younger was a little bit more hardwired. This podcast has really inspired me to look back at what I have learned when it comes to certain things. Thank you Laura.

Great podcaster. Laura is always insightful with her knowledge. Highly recommend 👌xx

Laura is the best!!! She is so knowledgeable regarding her topic and coersive control. This latest show about Britney Spears and how women have been portrait as crazies, unbalanced, neurotic, "nervous" beings, that need others for being "managed". The fact that others can tell you can't get pregnant is a violation of God's natural law. Our own physical, generic make up is to procreate and give birth. This is only opening the gates of hell for the government to impose rules or laws that would subject us. We are not only seen as inferior but as property. This episode was on POINT!

Thoughtful and Informative

Laura is my favorite true crime analyst. I am a huge fan of hers and the work she does. I learn so much on how I can honor victims and get involved in supporting them.

Amazing !

Laura is so knowledgeable and such a passionate advocate ! She is inspiring as a woman to hear her stories and accomplishments! Every woman should feel empowered by the work she is doing for so many and how we can help ! ❤️

Excellent podcast from one of the best in their field. Laura always brings such an insightful voice to all manner of crime cases.

The absolute best true crime podcast

Laura Richards is my hero; she does very important work. There is a lot of value to find in her amazing podcast. Highly recommend. She’ll give you lots to think about, that’s for sure.

You are amazing. Keep up the excellent work of speaking out about Femicide, misogyny, victim-blaming and toxic statements by ill-informed, narrow minded coppers. Women weren't put on this earth for "man". If not for us none of them would have ever been born. They need to be grateful, not hateful. It's when I hear of all the millions of murders done by males that I begin to believe in the death penalty in all countries worldwide, most especially when guilt is proven beyond reasonable doubt. Death for murder of women, and castration for rape.

The Best!

With almost 20 yrs in law enforcement and now retired, I find most podcast boring , overly dramatic, or just plain bad! However I find Crime Analyst to be detailed, specific, and honest. No drama, no fluff! Not only the best true crime podcasts, but one of the top podcast to listen too!! 5 stars!!!

Laura is a warrior. The messages she delivers here are based on facts, not hyperbole, and are incredibly important if we have any desire to live in a society that does not accept brutality towards women's as normal.

Wowwy wow wowser!

Laura is my new hero! She is the voice I have been searching for! Thank you so much for this podcast and sharing your knowledge and process.

Holy crappoly

Facts: The pace is fast The information is coming at you quickly Laura shares a LOT. Friggin love this podcast!! It’s revealed levels of misogyny I held that I wasn’t even aware of and I think EVERYONE should hear this message. (It is graphic, there are crime details so it’s not “for everyone”) I feel like a freaking rockstar (as a woman) after listening to this!! Womens for the win and Laura as the winner!!




An excellent, compassionate, thoroughly researched podcast. Kudos to Laura for holding the line by honoring the victims over sensationalizing the perpetrator.

The work and research that has gone into this podcast is astounding. I cannot recommend this Podcast enough In reframing the narrative away from the perpetrator and focusing on the victims and victimology is so refreshing and should be the method the media reports on such matters going forward. This made me think about issues that had never occurred to me before, the sexist and misogynistic tropes we have all lived with for so long and we shouldn’t have to, anymore! Thank you, Laura! keep up the excellent work, on this subject and in your current day advocacy work, you’re truly an inspiration.

Absolutely excellent. A must listen. So so important.

Incredible Podcast

Laura is a force that does not stop. We need more like her. Not only riveting but necessary. Why aren’t there more people bringing these types of issues forward ? Women are not valued or respected in this society and it’s tragic. Thank you Laura.

Tells it like it is

I love listening to Laura's analysis of how criminals could have been stopped if only authorities would change their ways. Laura doesn't just talk about what could have/should have been done, but fights to change policies and legislation to protect victims, especially women and children. She's a real champion

As a fan of true crime but also forensic psychology this podcast ticks all of the boxes. You feel as though you are solving crimes in real time and absorbing Laura's expertise as you go. Disturbing subject matter is dealt with in a sympathetic and analytical manner as opposed to the sensationalism that ordinarily surrounds murderers.

SUBSCRIBE! Obsessed!

LOVE IT! Laura has always been an advocate for women and is a powerful voice for those who need it. Yaaaaasssss 🙌🏻🙌🏼🙌🏽🙌🏾🙌🏿

Laura meticulously goes through the details of the case. There's so much in this podcast that I had never heard of, even though I've listened to other podcast about the same case. A great listen!

This podcast is so informative, taking complex subject matter breaking it down into manageable and understandable information. Laura is masterful, she cares deeply about the victims and their loved ones and that comes across in the show. I love how uncompromising she is about the way we speak about women, how victims of crime and coercive control and also perpetrators are described. I thought I understood this subject but I have learnt so much and at times it is uncomfortable as she confronts you head on with things that I personally took for granted. Now I see things differently and how the victims of PS were not valued and that women died unnecessarily. Cannot say enough about how good this is, yes it is entertainment but with the heart of an activist and Laura's relentless campaigning is inspirational.

Voice to the victims

True crime has capitalized on sensationalizing the murderers, not the murdered. Laura Richards puts the emphasis on telling the victims stories and it is honestly the only true crime I want to listen to!

Laura is my Shero

Laura is a real champion for women everywhere. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to learn through her expertise and insightful analysis of victimology and perpetrators of male violence. Her commitment to changing the world for the better is inspiring and has pushed me to educate myself further on coercion, corrective control and acts of male violence. It’s unfortunately much more common then we realize and it danger can escalate very quickly. She’s such an advocate for change and her existence gives me hope that in my lifetime we’ll see much more accountability then we have ever seen historically. Thanks for being a champion Laura!!

Brilliant podcast! Tired of true cringe podcasts with joking comedians discussing gruesome behaviors? This is the podcast you want. Laura is smart and dedicated and setting off truth bombs about police corruption, lying, laziness and cover ups. I can see the world changing because of the work Laura Richards is doing. Best to you, LR. Thank you.

I just discovered the podcast and listened to the Forgotten Victims episode 2. How incredibly powerful. I'm really looking forward to the rest.